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Jan, 04, 2022

Let’s get REAL, people. These 18 real weddings — featured on our glossy pages and/or UtahValleyBride.com — completely stole the show. From the lovely love to the divine details, every moment is full of heart.

And we can’t say it enough: Thank you for sharing your hearts with us! Means the absolute world.

  1. AS SEEN IN Brynley + Donny // PHOTOGRAPHY Katie Byrd Photography (a #UVBvendor!)
Katie Byrd Photography

2. AS SEEN IN Elise + Kyle // PHOTOGRAPHY Paige McKenzi

Paige McKenzi Photography

3. AS SEEN IN Abby + Matt // PLANNING + DESIGN Rachael Ellen Events // PHOTOGRAPHY Jordi Jerae Photography

Jordi Jerae Photography

4. AS SEEN IN Katie + Nick // PLANNING + DESIGN Over The Top Events (a #UVBvendor!) // PHOTOGRAPHY Shannon Elizabeth Photography

Shannon Elizabeth Photography

5. AS SEEN IN Berklee + Jameson // PLANNING + DESIGN Michelle Leo Events // PHOTOGRAPHY Katie Griff Photo (a #UVBvendor!)

Katie Griff Photo

6. AS SEEN IN Alyssa + Brandon // PLANNING Cheryl Burke // BRIDALS + CEREMONY PHOTOGRAPHY Aubree Belle Photography // RECEPTION PHOTOGRAPHY Alora Lani Photography

Alora Lani Photography

7. AS SEEN IN Kaydee + Jonny // PHOTOGRAPHY Cassandra Farley Photography

Cassandra Farley Photography

8. AS SEEN IN Hailey + Caleb // PHOTOGRAPHY Jessa E. Photographs (a #UVBvendor!) 

Jessa E. Photographs

9. AS SEEN IN Emmeline + Hayden // PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHY Emily & Luke Photo + Video

Emily & Luke Photo + Video

10. AS SEEN IN Victoria + Paul // PHOTOGRAPHY Whitney Hunt Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Whitney Hunt Photography

11. AS SEEN IN Rachel + Ryan // PLANNING + DESIGN Over The Top Events (a #UVBvendor!) // PHOTOGRAPHY Emilie Ann Photography (a #UVBvendor!) 

Emilie Ann Photography

12. AS SEEN IN Kaylie + Richie // PHOTOGRAPHY Summer Taylor Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Summer Taylor Photography

13. AS SEEN IN Susie + Jacob // PHOTOGRAPHY Mikki Platt Photography

Mikki Platt Photography

14. AS SEEN IN Sav + Kaden // PHOTOGRAPHY Kennedy Kiara Photography

Kennedy Kiara Photography

15. AS SEEN IN Kennison + Calvin // PLANNING + DESIGN Over The Top Events (a #UVBvendor!) // PHOTOGRAPHY + VIDEOGRAPHY Tews Visual

Tews Visual

16. AS SEEN IN McKell + Dallin // HOTOGRAPHY Jen Anderson Photography

Jen Anderson Photography

17. AS SEEN IN Lily + Skylar // PHOTOGRAPHY Celeste Nield

Celeste Nield Photography

18. AS SEEN IN Colton + McKenna // PHOTOGRAPHY Emily & Luke Photo + Video

Emily and Luke

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