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It’s Magazine Monday! And today we have a closer look at the charming wedding of Kaydee and Jonny from our 2021 glossy pages.

HOMETOWN Jonny grew up in Bountiful, and I grew up in Pleasant View. FIRST IMPRESSIONS I thought Jonny was the most fun guy ever. He says he “prayed he could find a girl like Kaydee Weaver” every single night for a year. How cute is that?! PERFECT PROPOSAL He crushed it. I did not see it coming because we were going to a lantern festival the next day and I was convinced he would propose then. So, we went on a date shotgun shooting and our “razor broke down” so we had to “go get his cousin” to help us. When we got to the bottom of the mountain there were twinkling lights, pictures, and a tunnel of pink trees. BEST BITE The delicious wings and french fry bar at the reception. VENDOR FAVES Kelly Christensen from Caley’s Catering and Events was an absolute lifesaver. ALL-STAR ACCESSORY My bow. I did a bow instead of a veil and it was so cute and fun. When I told my dress designer, Chantel Lauren, she said she had been waiting for someone to do that and was so excited. MAGICAL MOMENT The amazing dance party. I also loved the huge line of sparklers waiting for us to depart. I was overwhelmed by the support and love, and I feel so blessed for how perfect the night was.

With balloons, twinkling lights, and oversized LOVE letters, Kaydee’s modern reception was both playful and chic. The couple’s cuisine was charmingly cool, casual, and comforting — wings, fries, cookies, and soda by Caley’s Catering. Kaydee’s dotted chiffon gown from Chantel Lauren was the star of the show — with that square neck, statement sleeves, and unforgettable bow. 

P.S. Can’t get enough of Kaydee and Jonny? Check out their bridal session here!


COUPLE Kaydee Weaver + Jonny Schmidt // PHOTOGRAPHY Cassandra Farley Photography // GOWN Chantel Lauren Designs (a #UVBvendor!) // CATERING + PHOTO BOOTH + RENTALS Caley’s Catering and Events (a #UVBvendor!) // VENUE The Monarch Venue // VIDEOGRAPHY Kaye Shaye Films // DJ DJ PBaby (a #UVBvendor!)

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