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Boda Bridal

Boda - Your bridal canvas.

Born from the passion of a mother-daughter duo, Paula and Destrie Strasburg, Bōda Bridal has evolved from crafting dream gowns in their basement to empowering brides worldwide. Established in 2015, Bōda Bridal has grown to boast an iconic storefront in Salt Lake City’s renowned City Creek Center and partnerships with stockists all over North America. Armed with a unique understanding of differing aesthetics, they carry a broad range of designs, ensuring every bride finds her dream ensemble, be it bohemian, glamorous, sophisticated, or anything in-between. Committed to creating a gown as unique as each bride, their designs embody each individual’s vision, personality, and love story. Bōda Bridal looks forward to making every bride-to-be a ‘Bōda Babe’, helping her find a dress she’ll adore for a lifetime.

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