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Cranberry Lane Floral Design

We're here for your dream floral experience

At Cranberry Lane Floral Design, flowers form the language of love, style, and empowerment. Spearheaded by Elizabeth Noyce, an ardent floral designer with over 13 years of experience, and her creative assistant Kierston Reams, this team is deeply invested in providing unique, tailored floral designs for weddings. Named after Elizabeth’s mom’s business, Cranberry Lane symbolizes the power of female creativity and leadership. Elizabeth’s love for design shines through in her stunning arrangements, promising a breathtaking floral landscape for your celebration. Supported by Kierston’s knack for crafting cohesive designs and unique flair, the duo works tirelessly to ensure each event is layered with beauty, color, texture, and a touch of Cranberry Lane’s signature style.

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