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A Decade of DJing and Beyond

Apr, 10, 2024

Parker Breinholt, also known as DJ PBaby, has been one of Utah’s most sought-after DJs since 2014, winning back-to-back titles as the best Utah Valley DJ in 2022 and 2023 in the Daily Herald Reader’s Choice Awards, along with the Best of SLC Business Award in 2022. Ten years after his start, he continues to make soundwaves in the wedding industry at each event he attends. 

After returning home from his LDS mission he decided to fully embrace the DJ life. “I’ve always loved going to parties and events myself and seeing the DJ, seeing the person who’s responsible for that type of experience. That was really cool to me.”

And now, Parker is on the other side of that. The experiences he creates for the couples he DJs for go above and beyond what any average DJ would do. It’s no surprise that he continues to find success as a DJ even after ten years in the industry; anyone who’s been to a party hosted by DJ PBaby can attest to his mastery on the mix table. We definitely can—and his dance moves bring it to a whole new level.

And he hasn’t just DJed for weddings either. He’s done college parties, events for businesses of all kinds, and created parties for crowds of ten thousand people! With all of this experience under his belt, or should we say his headphones, you can rest assured knowing the mixmaster of your wedding day knows exactly what he’s doing.

Vendor to Vendor

As time went on, and the more events he DJed for, Parker knew he really wanted to lean into being a DJ for the wedding industry. He especially loves the relationships he’s cultivated with other wedding vendors as a result of crossing paths as they serve the same couples across the state. 

Vendor tip!—Ask your vendors about any other vendors they love to work with. Parker has a list of preferred vendors on his own website and years of experience working with the best of the best in the industry; he knows which vendors prioritize their relationships with their clients. 

“We really do care about our couples. When you hire the right people it’s possible to have a stress-free wedding. Do your research and take your time to find professional people who care about you and care about what you want out of your wedding.” Who better to help you find vendors than the ones you already have?

Unique People, Unique Experiences

And no one prioritizes his relationships with his clients better than Parker. “The best part [of being a DJ] is building relationships, you know, I’ve been friends with these people for ten-plus years now and I’ve DJed for tons of people from high school, so it’s been cool to kind of keep that relationship with people that I graduated high school with and haven’t seen in a long time, and with people that I’ve met along the way.” 

His favorite part is meeting new people and being able to share in their most special moments; he’s even had the opportunity to DJ for weddings that bring in unique cultural traditions from all over the world, something that he wouldn’t have otherwise participated in if he wasn’t a DJ.

“We’ve incorporated a Polynesian dance in the ceremony, done weddings for somebody from Africa or from the Middle East, I’ve done a lot of weddings for people from Vietnam… They all have their own traditions and things that are so different than what we have here in the U.S., and it’s really cool and humbling for me to have that opportunity to just share that space and that memory with each of them.

“I’ve learned how grateful I am to be able to DJ and do these types of events, as well as meet the most cool, amazing, humble, incredible people.” Does anyone need a tissue? We do.

Parker doesn’t want to be “some random dude that shows up and DJs your wedding,” he wants to build real friendships with each of his clients. 

Premium DJ Service

But that’s not the only thing that sets him apart as a premium DJ. He takes pride in his setup; it’s “clean, sexy, and aesthetically pleasing” so that when brides hire him, they know it won’t clash with her gorgeous decorations, adding to the class and drama of the event. As if you needed further proof that DJ PBaby has a level of professionalism that exceeds your expectations.

Not only does he make everything look as beautiful as you imagined, but with ten years of experience he can bring elements to your party that you won’t find anywhere else. His love for music and dancing alone brings his DJing to the next level. “Really getting into it and having fun, and having an energy people can feed off of I think is something that I have that not a lot of other DJs do.” You better believe we’ll be keeping an eye out for Parker’s dance moves at the next event!

“I have a good ear for music and I feel like my transitions and the type of music that I play at weddings is so different in a good way; that’s what sets me apart rather than the typical stuff you always hear. I have fun cool remixes that really kind of allow a song to take a different turn, so it’s still delivering the same thing, but the way I deliver that song is way different than any other DJ would.” Hearing this has us wanting to get up and dance already!

Parker always stays on top of making new remixes and building awesome sets that get everyone at your reception on their feet—but DJing a dance party is only a small part of his job. 

He’s going to run the whole day for you, from lining people up for the ceremony, to transitioning from cocktail hour to the main event. There are DJs who show up and play music, and then there’s DJ PBaby. His service goes above and beyond in every aspect, from the moment you meet him to the second you leave your venue at the end of the night (tired and happy, of course, from partying so hard).

Ten Years and Counting

After a decade of leading the industry as a top DJ, Parker wants to find ways to embrace the next few years and make the most of it. As for his ten-year celebration—he wants this year to be his best one yet. With a decade of unparalleled expertise under his belt, he envisions the coming years as an opportunity to create more lasting relationships and make his mark even bigger as a DJ.

With his awesome mixing and killer dance moves, there’s no doubt that Parker will continue to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Here’s to the next chapter of DJ PBaby’s extraordinary journey. And keep an eye out for him at our UVB events! 

Photography: Mikki Platt Photography

Utah Valley Bride

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