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The Pixie

Jun, 27, 2016

We’ll keep this short (heh), but this style says so much with so few strands. It’s sleek, it’s current, it’s flirty — and it’s fun. It’s also versatile — try it with a veil, with a small floral or jewelry headpiece, or with nothing at all. For the makeup, the softer palette shines. And the contrast of the darker eye with the lighter lip adds the perfect amount of drama.

Top 5 Pixie Tips

1. LOVE YOUR LOCKS Short hair is so totally underappreciated in the bridal world. Embrace your locks (or lack there of), and have fun with them.

2. SMOOTH OPERATOR “The pixie is all about making it sleek and modern,” says Kelcie Billat, co-owner of The K Lounge. “Use pomade to smooth everything down and give it that fabulous finish.”

3. BOOST YOUR BLING Accessories become even more crucial when you’re sporting fewer strands. Think through and choose your jewelry carefully. “Try dangle earrings to complement the bare neck,” says Ashley Murphy of Avenia Bridal.

4. KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN Speaking of that bare neck, Ashley emphasizes having a gown with an open, airy neckline. And it doesn’t hurt if the neckline has a little bling to it — as evidenced by the golden jewels on this Nancy Barrus gown.

5. VEILED TO PERFECTION It could be easy to write off veils with a pixie look. Don’t you dare! Veils — both long and short — are a dreamy companion to this sleek style.

They do. How cute and modern is her hair? We love the pixie – just pure and pretty.

Try a floral! You don’t want to overpower the mane attraction, so stick with more petite petals. 


Photography Alyssia B Photography

Paper Floral Backdrop + Bouquet The Lovely Ave

Font Design Pro Digital Photos

Hair Kelcie Billat 

Makeup Kirsten Tobar

Gown Nancy Barrus Couture from Avenia Bridal

Model Jalene Taylor

Utah Valley Bride

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