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Lewk The Part

Dec, 14, 2020

It’s Magazine Monday! And today we have a closer look at this stunning style guide from our 2020 glossy pages. 

Let’s face it, ladies. That bridal head of yours is going to turn heads left and right. So your hair and makeup cannot be an afterthought.

To get your aisle style juices flowing, we asked our friends at Salon Pritchétt to create three different bridal beauty vibes — whimsical, bold, and romantic.

Plus, we’ve got 6 takeaway tips so cute that you could fit them in your makeup bag. Read them here, and then scroll through these three head-turning looks below to see which inspiration speaks to you. 

1. SKIN IN THE GAME You know that new skin care regimen you’ve been meaning to try? DON’T DO IT! “Chances are it will cause you to break out, dry up, or be excessively oily,” says Tiffany Pritchett, owner of Salon Pritchétt. 

2. START EARLY The better your skin starts out, the better your makeup will apply — so try to get your skin issues worked out as early as possible. “Makeup artists are amazing but they’re not wizards!” Tiffany says. “We can’t heal your skin with our products in one day, so go to an aesthetician, get regular facials leading up to your wedding, and have them help you get on a good skin care regimen! I love Spa Trouve and go to them for all my skin care needs!”

3. THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT “Figure out how you want your hair for your wedding in advance,” Tiffany says. “Do you have enough hair to achieve this look? Is your hair long enough? Order some clip-in extensions if you have to! Barefoot Blonde Hair will send you samples in advance so you can match your color perfectly. Having some clip-in extensions to make your hair fuller and longer will make any and all wedding day hair styles look their absolute best!”

4. THE EYES HAVE IT Let’s talk fake lashes. “Even if you think you don’t want lashes, I promise you do,” says Tiffany, of Salon Pritchétt. “They make SUCH a huge difference in photos and really help to complete the whole look. Let your artist know you are nervous about lashes, and they can get you a natural set. Not all lashes have to look like a black caterpillar on your eyelid! There is a right pair for everyone.”

5. TRIAL STYLE Trial runs for hair and makeup are not necessary — as long as you are taking your formal pictures before the wedding day. “I always suggest to have their bridal photos double as the trial run,” Tiffany says. “We can consult about exactly what you’re wanting and not be rushed — and then you are only paying for hair and makeup two times instead of three!”

6. WEDDING DAY GO BAG “When your makeup is applied professionally, you shouldn’t have to touch up much throughout your wedding day,” says Tiffany, owner of Salon Pritchétt in Orem. “But make sure you have mascara, lipstick, and pressed powder so you can blot any oil spots or places that may have been rubbed after tears!”


Photography Joce Johnson Photography

Hair + Makeup Tiffany Pritchett and Diana Henrie at Salon Pritchétt (a #UVBvendor!)

Gowns Pritchétt Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

Floral Lilly & Iris (a #UVBvendor!)

Studio Travis J. Studio

Models Tess Nogales + Amanda Udy + Elisabeth Packham 


In the mood for a flight of fancy? This whimsical wonder — a cousin to the popular boho look — is a little bit wild, a little bit sweet, and a lot a bit cool. How killer is that star headpiece and those butterfly barrettes? Such alluring accessories for the bride craving something unexpected and unforgettable.


Bold lip. Striking center part. Glitter jumpsuit. White leather jacket. Glam gown. Chic updo. Diamond choker. Bold brides don’t mess around, people. This look is unique and sleek — a total wow factor.


Fairy tale romance. Classic silhouettes. Lush locks. Loose up-dos. Soft beauty. The romantic look is like walking on a cloud — airy, dreamy, magical, and just a little touch of heaven. 

December 24, 2020

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