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Dearest Gentle Reader

Mar, 15, 2024

Move over Lady Whistledown, this author finds herself compelled to share the news of the most exciting event of last season. Mariah and Garrett Nielsen were married on August 31, 2023, in a stunning ceremony and reception that would make Queen Charlotte herself jealous. Their wedding brought in elements of timeless beauty while tying in sentimental features that made this union and its celebration all the more special. From the florals to the cake, this Bridgerton-esque affair was nothing short of dazzling.

Art of the Swoon

Mariah knew for a long time that she wanted her wedding to be a timeless, summer event with an outside ceremony and “English garden party vibes.” Where better to host it than Wadley Farms’ own gorgeous garden? “I wanted it to be a little more relaxed but still cohesive. I didn’t want it to be too stiff, just something sentimental and always timeless with a few vintage elements.”

Mariah didn’t have any bridesmaids—they just told all of their friends and family to wear pastels. “We didn’t have any specific colors picked out because I wanted everyone to choose what they were comfortable in.” And it all came together beautifully. She also encouraged floral patterns that were perfect for the theme. Don’t be alarmed if you see us swooning over these pictures.

Promenade Around the Park

She’s always admired Wadley Farms since she attended another wedding there when she was young. “The grounds at Wadley are so pretty, you don’t have to have much more.” they didn’t have many other decorations—they let the grounds do all the work. “I loved the natural beauty of it there, and we really didn’t have to bring any of our own decorations other than a few small things.” This venue is going to give the ‘Ton a run for its money.

Mariah walked down an aisle lined with flowers straight from a fairytale and backed up by the dreamiest summer scenery. Following the ceremony Mariah and Garrett took their bridals—their first look was that morning at the ceremony. “That’s the biggest thing I was happy about.” She knew that she wanted to have their first look when she walked down the aisle, and it made it so much more special to both of them in that moment.

A Sentimental Soirée

Another special moment for both of them was the speeches at their luncheon—followed by the cake cutting. Mariah and Garrett both emphasized how much they loved having their favorite people together in one place. “This was the time to utilize hearing that from our parents and friends.” Culturally, many weddings in Utah skip the tradition of wedding toasts, but that was something both of them valued. Mariah really liked that they made time for it. 

“Same thing with the cake. I feel like a lot of times at receptions you’re talking with friends and have no idea they were cutting the cake, or your mom’s busy with something and she misses it. We did it at our luncheon so we knew that no one would miss it, with all of our closest friends and family.” We’re definitely adding the luncheon cake cutting to our wedding-day must-haves. 

And you’ll never guess who made their cake! Mariah’s fifteen-year-old brother. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my best friend.” Perhaps this young gentleman has a future in baking.

Another special moment for the Nielsens was all Garrett’s idea—a private last dance. “I’m really happy we did it.” Mariah mentioned that “it’s important to take into account what your future husband has to say as well, it’s just as much his day as it is your day.” She loved that Garrett had some amazing ideas that she didn’t think of, like their last dance, and other things they implemented that made their big day that much more special. 

Perhaps I Can Offer My Wisdom

And your future husband isn’t the only one with great ideas. “Be so patient with your mom. They mean the best, and they really do know you the best, take into account what they have to say. They know what you’ve always dreamed of.” 

Her biggest advice for anyone planning a wedding, most of all, is to listen to yourself. “Definitely have down what you know you’ve loved and always dreamed of for your wedding and don’t change on that. Don’t just go with the trends, the biggest thing is not changing your idea of what you want your wedding to be because of the times.” 

Mariah also says it’s helpful to find two or three things that you know you love and to coordinate everything else around those. Whether it’s the dress, ring, venue, or whatever it is you want to prioritize, incorporate everything else to compliment that thing. It will make everything else so much easier. 

The Diamond of the Season

And Mariah’s ring is something that deserves its very own moment. Like many other elements of her big day, she knew for a long time that the stunning emerald-cut green stone was something she always wanted. It certainly brought in the elements of timeless romance with a touch of vintage elegance that the rest of her wedding day accomplished so well. 

There are so many other elements to this Bridgerton-inspired wedding that Lady Whistledown would be clamoring to publish in her column. The sentimental and timeless aspects that the Nielsens included would make a certain wall-flower smile behind her quill. Now, dearest reader, we bid you farewell with a curtsy and a promise that your own timeless love affair is sure to turn the heads of the gentlefolk this upcoming season. 

Dress: Pritchett Bridal 
Photos: Payton Petersen Photography 
Videographer: Sunny Ray Films
Venue and Catering: Wadley Farms 
Florist: Jess Stallings with J Floral Company 
Harpist for Ceremony: Alyssa Holman Harpist 
DJ: Zak Osmond 
Cake: Bride’s Brother

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