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Whether you want delectable crepes or a carving station at your wedding, Tasteful Moments Catering can, quite literally, cater to your every need. What started out as an idea for a new local restaurant became one of the best catering businesses in Utah, thanks to the chaos of 2020. With an extensive menu, and a willingness to try anything, Weston Wright will make sure every one of your guests leaves with a full belly and a smile on their faces. 

When it comes to menu items, there isn’t anything that Weston and his team can’t do. “The difference between me and a lot of caterers is even if it’s not on my menu, I don’t say no.” He wants you to know that if there’s something you absolutely need at your wedding, whether it’s the rehearsal dinner or the dessert at the after party, he’s willing to try it—and he’s willing to perfect it.

Restaurant Owner Turned Wedding Caterer

Weston has been in the catering business for the last ten years, owning a few of your favorite local restaurants. In 2020, he had plans to open another sit-down restaurant, with a full menu planned. When the world shut down, it put his new plans on hold—but because he was having so much success with catering weddings here and there, he decided to fully adapt his steakhouse menu to his catering business. And Tasteful Moments was born!

“Back in 2021, I was getting a lot of requests from a wedding planner that I was partners with asking if I could do additional things besides what my cafes offered. I sent them over my steakhouse menu, and then all of a sudden they started ordering from that instead of from my cafes. I figured I might as well turn it into a full set.”

So in 2022, he decided to invest his time into creating a company that’s entirely for catering to some of the most incredible weddings around. He was operating out of his restaurants and cafes until the beginning of this year when Tasteful Moments’ brand-new kitchen was finished!


Around the same time the kitchen was finished, they took a look at their menu and updated it to fit the current needs and demands of brides and grooms everywhere. “We took the stuff out that no one was ordering, and stuck with the things that we are very passionate about and that we’ve perfected.” He and his team figured out which dishes were wedding party favorites and which ones were often overlooked. Did we mention he’ll make you anything you want?

“I can taste something or look at something and figure out how it’s done. Sometimes a little YouTube video doesn’t hurt, but you know, that’s kind of what I like to do. I find something, I fixate on it, and I perfect it.” There really isn’t anyone better to cater to your “perfect” day!

Some of their most popular catering options include meat carving stations, as an homage to the original steakhouse idea Weston had in mind. (His favorite thing to make is filet mignon, you may or may not catch us at his next event…) And almost everything—whether it’s dinner or dessert—is adaptable for any dietary needs! This one’s for all you gluten-free or dairy-free girlies. 

Soup or Salad?

Weston’s favorite thing to do for weddings is what he calls “dual event” catering; his team of professionals will cater your wedding dinner, reception, and any other moment you want delicious food for! “It’s one event,” as in one wedding day, “but we treat it as multiple events.”

And don’t worry—you’ll be able to try the food before you feed it to your hundreds of guests. Weston sets up a tasting for everyone who wants it, whether you just need dessert or you’re planning on having entrees, sides, salads, and as many desserts as you can handle. Go ahead and put us down for all the desserts, thanks.

Weston’s dream catering job would be a no-budget, let-him-do-whatever-he-wants kind of event. “I think that would be cool just to give me the creative freedom, because I may give them something that’s not even on a menu. Just to test myself and push the balance.” He isn’t just a great chef, he’s an artist in the kitchen. 

Weston says that at Tasteful Moments, “you’ll get the best bang for your buck.” Not only does he care so deeply about his clients, and wants to make their wedding day as amazing as possible, but he wants to do what he can to give you exactly what you want, no matter your budget. 

His biggest piece of advice for brides is don’t wait on food! “A lot of people will wait to do catering. They’ll get all the other stuff done and out of the way, and then things change. If you book a caterer far enough in advance, it gives you the option to do a tasting, to make sure it’s exactly what you want.” If good food is something that’s important to you, move it to the top of your list!

Weston says, “Venue, dress, caterer. That should be the order.” Talking about all this food makes us hungry… we’ll have to stop by Tasteful Moments later to see what exciting things they’re cooking up!

Photography: Oh, Honey Photography
Venue: Amavi Venue
Catering: Tasteful Moments Catering
Florist: Botanical Eden
Linens: Moments Specialty Linens

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