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Turing Your Love Story Into Wild Jewelry

Mar, 26, 2024

For the last twelve years, Staghead Designs has taken the most unique materials and transformed them into the perfect embodiment of your unique love story. Liz and Brad began creating jewelry by “accident;” they didn’t have any intentions of Staghead becoming what it is today.

Liz and Brad would wander the fields near their house together and pick up antler sheds—the first ever material they would use to create rings, and the inspiration behind the name of their business. Liz asked Brad if he could make a ring out of the antlers and the rest followed. 

“Initially it was really just to have something for myself, and then I just kept making them,” says Brad.

Bringing the Wilderness to You

When they went shopping for their own wedding rings, they were underwhelmed with the options. “I felt like I wanted something custom, but the prices were a little more than our hamburger helper budget could do at the time. And for men’s rings, there were like four styles and that’s it,” Liz says.

Their idea to make a ring out of an antler felt more true to who they were and their relationship, both a part of where they were living and the fact that it was “wild.” 

“We were more like feral young kids back then,” Liz laughs. They create rings for couples who are just as wildly in love as they are. 

Your Ring, Your Story

Every piece of jewelry from Staghead is made to order. Whether you design it online or go in for a consultation, your rings are a one-of-a-kind reflection of you. They have an incredible stone collection, “an inventory of misfit diamonds and sapphires,” and thousands of ways to customize it. 

You could even bring in your very own materials, like a piece of the floor from grandpa’s cabin or ashes from a loved one. They can take the pieces that are part of your story and turn it into something you can carry with you forever. “The intrinsic nature of how sentimental this specific kind of jewelry is, and being able to make that for people, and include those materials that are unconventional, it’s an honor,” Brad says, a little teary-eyed. 

“We’re not just confined to one thing,” he adds. “It’s definitely more work for us, but I think that the team here loves doing it, and I love doing it.” He loves the idea of a new challenge and incorporating unique materials into their designs. “Someone will reach out and want something that we’ve never done before, but we’ll try it.”

“I love that someone can come to us and say, ‘This is what I want,’ and we can turn that into a reality,” Liz says. 

Your Herd of Cheerleaders

No one is more excited than the Staghead team about your engagement rings… Except, maybe you and your fiance, of course. 

“The team we work with here—we couldn’t be where we are without everyone at Staghead,” Liz says. “We have people who are just as obsessed with their clients’ rings as the person who’s getting it.” It’s not a huge team, but it’s a group of people with huge hearts, and that’s what makes the difference in your “heirloom quality” jewelry. 

“The more care you put towards something, the more you get back.” 

Liz and Brad are so invested in their brides that they’ll hand-deliver some of their favorite pieces, going as far as Ireland to do it. “It doesn’t matter how challenging it is, I’m always willing to try and get them what they want. It’s well worth it in the end to go the extra mile.” Can we come with next time?

Wild Passion

Liz, Brad, and the rest of the Staghead team love working with people who are passionate about what they want and who they’re marrying. If you want to bring the branch of a tree you got engaged under, they welcome you with open arms. And if you’re someone who wants a six-carat diamond, they’ll welcome you with open arms too. You’re allowed to be extra here.

A popular style they’re loving right now is moss agate jewelry. “It’s a very non-traditional stone that people have really gravitated towards. It creates some of the most beautiful, unique-looking, whimsical things.” This one’s for all you cottage-core, ethereal brides. You’re welcome. 

Their advice for couples is to “be open to something that you weren’t initially thinking you wanted. Don’t feel like you have to get a diamond because that’s what you’ve been told,” Brad says. “There are other stones that are just as brilliant, and you’ve got lots of time to upgrade your ring. Especially when you’re newly married; you’ve got a lot of other expenses to put your money toward.”

Liz says to always communicate, both about what ring you want and in your whole marriage; don’t just assume your fiance knows what you are thinking.

Staghead Designs creates unconventional jewelry for unconventional brides. It’s crystal clear how much love and care they put into making incredible pieces that will last a lifetime and beyond. Next time you see a deer antler on the ground, or you know, just about anything, think about making a stop at Staghead.

Rings, Photography, and Models: Staghead Designs

Owners Brad and Liz

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