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Dec, 29, 2020

You know the old saying — a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, these 20 pictures are worth allllllll the words.

So without further ado (and words), here are our 20 favorite formal images featured in 2020.

1. AS SEEN IN Meg + Zach // PHOTO Rebekah Westover Photography

Rebekah Westover Photography

2. AS SEEN IN Iconic // PHOTO Kylie McCann

Kylie McCann

3. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Ashley Smith Photography

Ashley Smith Photography

4. AS SEEN IN Hailey + Weston // PHOTO Pepper Nix Photography

Pepper Nix Photography

5. AS SEEN IN Sav + Ben // PHOTO Emilie Ann Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Emilie Ann Photography

6. AS SEEN IN Our 2020 Glossy Pages // PHOTO Katie Griff Photo (a #UVBvendor!)

Katie Griff Photo

7. AS SEEN IN 20 Tips from the MOB + MOG // PHOTO Emilie Ann Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Emilie Ann Photography

8. AS SEEN IN Soak Up The Sun // PHOTO Alyssa Ence Photography

Alyssa Ence Photography

9. AS SEEN IN Victoria + Logan // PHOTO Bobbi Tolman Photography

10. AS SEEN IN Madilyn + Ethan // PHOTO In Frames Photography

11. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Nicole Aston Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Nicole Aston Photography

12. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Perrywinkle Photo

Perrywinkle Photo

13. AS SEEN IN On The Edge With You // PHOTO Calluna Bella

14. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Lolo Orji Photography

Lolo Orji Photography

15. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Julia Mather Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Julia Mather Photography

16. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Jordy B. Photo (a #UVBvendor!)

Jordy B. Photo

17. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Hail Photo Co.

18. AS SEEN IN @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Kennedy Kiara Photography

Kennedy Kiara Photo

19. AS SEEN IN Dreams Divine // PHOTO Clarity Lane (a #UVBvendor!)

Clarity Lane

20. AS SEEN IN Chic Romance // PHOTO Kaci Lou Photography

Kaci Lou Photography

BONUS! (Yes, we’re cheating by adding extra winners — and we feel great about it. 🙂 Below are three of our most favorite wedding images that represent how weddings have been affected by Covid this year.

Duke Moose Photography
Jordan Bree Photography
Kristina Curtis Photography

Utah Valley Bride

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