September 3, 2015

July 26, 2014 // Sloane + Chase

For Provo’s Sloane MacCabe, it was all about the Chase. “I was so intimidated by his looks and was too scared to talk to him,” she says. And for Chase Crane, the feeling was mutual. “She was stunning and gorgeous,” he says. “The type of girl you only come across once in a blue moon.” The lovestruck lovebirds started dating in 2009, and a few weeks later vacationed together in New York City. Four years later? They were back in New York City for a life-changing weekend. Continue Reading…

Flashback Friday: Rachel + Drew

August 28, 2015

FROM THE EDITOR It’s Rachel and Drew Parcell’s 5th wedding anniversary today, and in honor of our 2011 cover couple, we thought it would be fun to take a stroll down gorgeous wedding memory lane. Read the story we originally published below, and then scroll through the impeccable images by Rebekah Westover. Five years later, and their wedding is still a jaw-dropper. Happy Anniversary, Rach and Drew! 


August 28, 2010 // Rachel Skalla + Drew Parcell

When it comes to the courtship of Rachel Skalla and Drew Parcell, here’s the tall and short of it:  Continue Reading…