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A Husband and Wife Team for the Husband and Wife to Be

Apr, 19, 2024

When it comes to Utah wedding photos and videos, the husband and wife team behind Bella Alder Photography goes above and beyond in more ways than one. From beautifully capturing your most special moments to being prepared for anything, these two know the ins and outs of a wedding perfectly

Their unique path into the wedding industry started in education; both Bella and her husband Brachen were teachers—Bella taught special education and Brachen was a professor of ASL at Utah State. But that’s not the only thing that makes them so unique… who knew there were so many benefits to having a photo team fluent in sign language? From communicating with each other across the room to honing in on the details that would normally be overlooked, Bella and Brachen’s work stands out with a unique take on capturing memories. 

Capturing Memories

Right after Bella and Brachen got married, Bella’s father passed away unexpectedly. Bella leaned on the photos and videos from their wedding day to be able to remember her dad. “The only thing I really had left was my wedding photos, and my video, and I thought it was so fun to be able to rewatch it and see his personality throughout the day. I just really treasured having those last moments with my dad; you don’t really know when it’s the last time you’re gonna have with people that you love.” 

Being able to hold onto memories of her dad through her wedding pictures sparked an interest in being a photographer herself. After interning with her own wedding photographer, she “pulled the trigger and went full-time.” Brachen continued to teach for two more years at USU, but eventually, he joined Bella as a full-time videographer, and the two of them became an incredible team, perfect at capturing those once-in-a-lifetime memories for couples across the country. 

Everybody Needs a Deaf Videographer

One of the reasons Brachen wanted in on the action, and one of Bella’s favorite parts of being a wedding photographer, is the freedom it creates for their family. “It’s helped us really see the world, in ways we wouldn’t have. I didn’t think I needed to go to Moab twice a week, but I guess I did, so it’s helped me have more time outside and be more active with myself.” 

Whether it’s Utah’s favorite red rocks, or up to Oregon and Hawaii, Bella and Brachen have a talent for creating the most beautiful snapshots of your wedding day, and an eye for detail that makes all the difference.

“Everybody needs a deaf videographer, they just don’t know it,” Bella says with a laugh. “Because he’s gonna get grandma’s little tear falling, details that would’ve been overlooked, so it’s really nice to have. It’s like an enhanced feature.” 

And it’s even better for both of them on busy wedding days because they both know how to sign. “During the ceremony, I can sign to him, ‘Do you mind moving over here, you’re in my shot,’ and then he’ll move out of the way, and then it’s seamless. We’re interrupting the ceremony, but nobody knows, it’s completely quiet. Nobody gets upset or bothered, so I do like that aspect a lot.” Bella and Brachen have the benefit of communicating across the room without shouting or disrupting anything. “As a wedding guest, I’d want to stay completely in the moment.”

Another awesome aspect for Bella is being able to “live everyone’s exclamation points.” Your wedding is a day to celebrate the happiest moments in your life, with the people you love most. “I get to make those memories live forever. I just feel like, it’s the last time all of their guests are gonna be in the same room, with everyone they love, so it’s often that I’m the last person that ever takes photos of some of the guests together. It’s special that I get to hold that small piece.”

Prepared for Anything

With every wedding day comes unexpected challenges, but Bella and Brachen are prepared for anything. “I feel like we are pretty good at problem-solving. We have weird backgrounds…y husband’s like a little bit of a mechanic, so he can fix anything—and I grew up with my dad as a professional rock climber, so I’m really good at national parks, and I’m really good at the outdoors.” Whether your car needs a tow out of the snow in Park City, or you need an expert on navigating the crazy terrain in Southern Utah, Bella and Brachen can make anything happen. 

But that’s not all. Bella has a huge kit filled with “every possible thing you’d ever need in case we need it.” And when we say everything, we really mean it; this kit has things like sewing materials, Tide Pens, extra ties and bow ties, ring boxes, medication, hair products, boutonnieres, garters—and she even has a few pairs of extra shoes. Over the years they’ve seen what wedding parties most often need and collected things that can save the day in a pinch. 

With so much experience shooting weddings of all kinds, in so many different places, Bella has a system for each of her couples. “It sounds kind of morbid, but picture it’s your last day on Earth together. What are all the things you’d want to do together before the day ends?

I want each of you to get a piece of paper and write down everything you want.

“Then go through those lists together and see if there’s anything that crosses over. Start planning your wedding based on things that if it was the last day together you would not compromise on. That’s how you’re gonna build the day that actually feels like you, and reflects you.” This can mean anything from reading your own private vows together, to bottomless mimosas at brunch. Who says you can’t start your wedding day with a walk on the beach? 

Beyond the stunning work Bella and Brachen are known for lies an excitement for creativity and a passion for capturing your most special memories. They’re the husband and wife team for the husband and wife to be. 

Photography: Bella Alder Photo & Film

Utah Valley Bride

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