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Dance the Night Away

Apr, 16, 2024

Lexi met her husband Cache the classic way—an online dating app. They both lived in Vineyard at the time, so it was “inevitable” that they would run into each other at some point, as they put it. Lexi was a former Aggiette at Utah State, and Cache played basketball at UVU.  First came love for these two college athletes, then came marriage, in August of last year in the most stunning European garden party-esque reception at our very own Utah State Capitol. 

Their love story spreads all the way west to the California seaside, where they took their bridals, and into the gorgeous Utah mountains as well. But they didn’t stop there—Lexi and Cache leaped at another chance to commemorate their celebration with a courthouse bridal shoot. And can we just say, we’re obsessed. The short dress and long train combo with the gloves? We’ll be daydreaming about that for the rest of our lives.

Cinderella Moment

Their temple sealing was followed by a beautiful ring ceremony in the Capitol’s rotunda, one of Lexi’s favorite parts of the whole day. “It was nice cause it gives you that moment to connect with each other and explain how much you love each other, and all the things you love about each other, so that was really fun.”

Her dad walked her down the steps to her prince charming. “I also loved the moment walking down the stairs. It was like a fairy tale moment or like a Cinderella moment.” They both took the opportunity to write their own vows and share them with each other and with all of their favorite people. “And it was just neat to see all my family and friends that were super happy for me and my husband.”

Accounting for the Details

Lexi’s first priority when it came to wedding planning was getting her guests fed. “I wanted to make sure that they had a full dinner, and I just wanted it to be fun for everybody.” And their caterers, Marvellous Catering, delivered. Lexi and her guests loved the food, complete with a carving station and more.

Her other priority was making everything as classy as possible. “I’m very uniform because I’m an accountant, so I like everything to be kind of similar.” From her bridesmaids’ dresses to bringing in lovely trees to decorate, the class was in every detail of her day. 

Details like a phone for guests to leave messages to the couple instead of a traditional guest book, huge pictures printed out and placed along the hedges, and a classic getaway car are just a few of many things that brought out a gorgeous summer celebration for Lexi.

Her bridesmaids’ dresses were custom-made for each individual person, and they all came together in a stunning display of pink, matching the groomsmen and the rest of the day beautifully. 

As for the trees—they were brought in from a local nursery to really bring in that countryside feel that Lexi was going for. “That was my vibe, I guess, like an Italian courtyard, but I also wanted it to be really classy.”

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

And an Italian courtyard it was, right here in Utah! Turns out you don’t need to go far for your destination wedding. Her wedding planner Arlette’s attention to detail really brought Lexi’s vision to life, and we get to fangirl about it all day long, thanks to her. Lexi works full-time, so she really loved having a planner who could take over when there were any issues. 

They ended the night with a dance party like no other, complete with sunglasses, light sticks, and a choreographed dance by Lexi and her bridesmaids. As a former college dancer, she of course had to include it to surprise her new husband. “My husband had never seen me dance cause I graduated college a few years ago. So that was also super fun.” Where can we get a pair of our own pom poms?

Lexi’s advice for brides is to “have fun because it’s your one time that you get to plan this wedding. I feel like at times it will get super stressful, but everything ends up working out. So I would just say have fun—I wish I would have taken time more to enjoy the process.” Lexi is right, don’t forget to enjoy this moment! You only get to be a bride once.

Venue – Utah State Capitol
Photographer – Kennedy Kiara Photography
Caterer – Marvellous Catering
Florist –  The Fleur Market 
Wedding Planner – Arlette Michaelson with The Fleur Market
Cake –  Lustr Creative
Wedding Gown – Frankie Jane Couture Bridal
Grooms Suit – Beckett & Robb
Equipment Rentals and Linens – All Out Event Rental
Lighting – Moonlight Lighting
Videographer – Jake McCleary
DJ – Branden Estrada
Getaway Cars – Utah Vintage Cars ( Courthouse shoot), Something Vintage Something Blue ( Reception)
Invitations – Square One Printing

Utah Valley Bride

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