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Your Fairy God-Sister With a Camera

Apr, 26, 2024

Nobody loves weddings more than Brittny Hart, the founder of Love Brittny Photography and owner of Utah Valley Bride. She’s a girl who “never outgrew wearing glitter and wanting to be a princess…” She channeled that passion into creating a luxury brand that caters to the “modern royalty” of brides and grooms. Move over Kate Middleton!

Brittny has been in the wedding industry from the moment she could. She worked as a bridal consultant and a wedding planner for years before shooting her first wedding at just 18 years old. Since then, and for the last 15 years, her love for fairytale weddings has flourished into the incredibly successful and sought-after photography business it is today. 

Over the years, she has traveled all over the world, even going as far as Ireland and Scotland to photograph couples in ancient castles! She takes the whole fairytale thing very seriously. 

The Magic Behind the Lens

Brittny leads an experienced team of photographers and editors who masterfully recreate a love story with each picture. Each professional on the Love Brittny team is specially trained by Brittny herself and has thousands of hours of experience providing the high-end, luxury look that Love Brittny Photography is known for. They could turn a pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage if you wanted. Camera—magic wand—same thing!

Trends in wedding photography come and go, but Love Brittny’s style is proven to be as timeless as a fairytale. The pictures are vibrant and true to color with clean whites and a “magical glow” that reflects the enchantment of your happily ever after. Their style will never get old or outdated over the years—it really is “Pinterest-worthy.” You won’t be able to stop yourself from remembering all the excitement from the happiest day of your life every time you look back on your pictures.

Their consistency builds trust with their brides and will bring you comfort knowing that your wedding is going to look, feel, and be remembered exactly how you always dreamed it would.

The Dress and The Slippers

Not only do you get timeless, flawless pictures to cherish forever, but Brittny is committed to providing a truly royal experience. Every single bride gets access to her entire team—a lead photographer, a second photographer, an editing master, and Brittny herself managing the whole project. That’s four professionals spellbound together to make your dreams come true. 

Love Brittny Photography gives you unlimited edited high-resolution photos, a pre-wedding consultation, a free tips and tricks magazine, and more. Not to mention the gorgeous photo albums that are hand-made in Portugal for each client. This fairy godsister gives you the dress and the slippers. 

This includes unlimited coverage on your wedding day. You get two photographers all day until the clock strikes twelve and the spell is broken. This alleviates the stress of having to make sure you’re getting all the pictures you want within a time constraint, and leaves room for you to relax and enjoy the moments of your big day instead. 

Each bride gets a detailed wedding planning resource, created by Brittny. It’s a 60-page magazine with all of her best tips and tricks, along with advice for planning your wedding—she’s been around the palace a few times, so she knows what works and what doesn’t. She also has a location guide for all of our Utah brides, with the best backdrops across the state for your bridals or engagements. The happily ever after benefits don’t seem to end!

A Princess? Shut Up!

One of the biggest things that sets Love Brittny Photography apart is the experience of it all. Every single photographer is a pro at posing, styling, and coaching each couple through a “date night” of a photo shoot, capturing the authentic relationship between you and your true love. Photo shoots with Brittny’s team are easy and fun!

If you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, that will change after working with Love Brittny. Her team uses their magic lenses to boost your confidence and turn you from Mia Thermopolis to Princess of Genovia. And they can even get your groom to smile!

Brides who choose Love Brittny Photography are the women who never grew out of their own glitter-wearing princess dreams. Brittny and her team understand that your wedding day is the way that dream comes true.

“We all turn into the biggest group of fangirls for every bride we get to work with.” You become the main character in a romance movie throughout this experience, and the best part for Brittny is “documenting that aspect of your soul with the person you love.” No detail is overlooked by your fairy god sisters. 

Love Brittny Photography continues to go above and beyond with each and every client, capturing the whimsical and fantastic elements of your storybook romance. After helping brides all over the world, Love Brittny knows that you’ll fall in love all over again each time you re-live the happiest day of your life through your pictures. So what are you waiting for? Your fairytale awaits. 

Utah Valley Bride

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