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Taryn + Caleb

Feb, 26, 2018

It’s Magazine Monday, friends! And today we’re sharing a closer look at Taryn and Caleb’s incredible nuptials from our glossy pages. These two had style, substance, and a seer-sucker suit. We’re in heaven with them, y’all. 

Taryn + Caleb // August 10, 2017

Taryn Nelson and Caleb Bennett went from friends to forever. Their natural, easy-going courtship led to casually glamorous nuptials in the heart of Provo that were filled with flowers, mismatched furniture, a seer-sucker suit, and their name in lights.

FIRST KISS “We sat down on some rocks next to the creek and just talked. Because we had been friends for so long, we felt comfortable around each other. After a minute of silence Caleb leaned in to kiss me, and it was the best kiss ever! It wasn’t super fancy or planned out – it just happened and it was just us. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect way to have my last first kiss.”

SUIT YOURSELF “The night Caleb and I decided we were going to get married, he said, ‘You can choose absolutely everything for our wedding, but I just have one request. Can I wear a seer-sucker suit?’ That was music to my ears! I’ve always loved seer-sucker, and I’ve always dreamed of my husband wearing something different, but still classy. His suit became a huge inspiration for everything we did at our wedding!”

RINGS + THINGS “Caleb and I designed my ring custom at Forge Jewelry Works in Provo. They were amazing, and it was really special to have a unique ring that fit my style. We also got Caleb’s ring there. I surprised him and got ‘WIT’ (which stands for Whatever It Takes) engraved on the inside in remembrance of his brother, Tyler, who passed away from cancer.”

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT “Getting sealed to Caleb in the Provo City Center Temple. My grandpa officiated the sealing, and I was so overwhelmed as I held Caleb’s hand and heard the words ‘husband and wife FOREVER.’ This was it – the biggest decision of my life – and it felt so right.”

PICTURE THIS Taryn and Caleb may not have had a fancy vision for their wedding — but they certainly had a fabulous one. Taryn’s mother, Leslie Nelson, is a wedding planner and florist (lucky bride!), and she created a variety of centerpieces filled with flowers, green bottles, candles, artichokes, strawberries and oranges. (Taryn wanted every arrangement to feel related, but one-of-a-kind.) The bride and groom stood in front of an incredible metal backdrop made of horse fence panels. Guests dined on charcuterie boards with delicious meats, cheeses, breads and spreads. Taryn’s custom two-piece gown was simple and stunning — and paired perfectly with Caleb’s seer-sucker suit. And a neon sign of “The Bennetts” hung loud and proud on the wall of the industrial venue. “I cried when I walked into our reception,” Taryn says. “There wasn’t a square inch of the place I didn’t absolutely love.” 



Photography Hickenlooper Photography

Wedding Planner + Floral Leslie Nelson Design

Reception Venue The White Shanty

Ceremony Provo City Center LDS Temple

Gown Janay Marie Designs

Hair Skylar Gardner

Makeup Tiffany Prichett at Salon Pritchétt (a #UVBvendor!)

Groom’s Attire J. Crew

Cake Cake to Krumb

Rings Forge Jewelry Works (a #UVBvendor!)

Videography Indy Blue

Catering Marvellous Catering

Printed Photos Persnickety Prints

Decor Rentals Thanksgiving Point (a #UVBvendor!)

Farmhouse Tables Susan’s Party Rentals



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