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Lauren + Josh

Feb, 27, 2018

Lauren and Josh are the coolest in the history of wedding cool. Shall we count the ways? 1. They repelled off a tram on their way down to their reception. (Whaaaat?!) 2. Bride Lauren found her wedding dress at the same shop her mother did 26 years ago. #sobemoji 3. Lauren wore gold Gucci loafers. “Now they make me feel like a queen when I wear them on a normal day!” 4. They are so delightfully lovely and in love.

We love them. You will, too. Now read Lauren’s Most Marry Moments, scroll through her fabulous photos, and then watch their wedding video at the end of this post. It’ll give your day the perfect jump for joy.


LAUREN + JOSH MILLER // October 28, 107

DARLING DATE “My favorite date is our first date. He taught me how to drive stick in a Land Cruiser and then we went and got hot chocolate. I remember I was wearing rain boots and they squeaked when I tried to push on the clutch, and I was so embarrassed at the time! Now, it would take a lost more than a little squeaking to make me embarrassed!”

PERFECT PROPOSAL “We were at Lake Powell on a family vacation. My mom grew up in Page, Arizona (that small, little town next to Lake Powell), so we have lots of family Powell memories. We were there with some family friends and one of the days we all went to Rainbow Bridge. We took a group picture and then each couple took turns taking a photo, one of our friends is a professional photographers so she was getting some good pics. When it was our turn, everyone took a few photos (someone was videoing too), and after we took our photo, Josh got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. It was such a magical moment, all I could was start to cry and shake my head yes!”

VIVACIOUS VENDORS “It’s so hard to pick my favorite! But my top three would be: The Potted Pansy + Peyton Rainey Byford + The Brides’ Shop.”

BEST BITE “My husband’s favorite food is cinnamon rolls!! So we made sure to have a hefty supply of warm and soft cinnamon rolls with plenty of frosting.”

SENSATIONAL SEAMS “I’ll never forget the day I found my wedding dress. We made three dress appointments with a break in the middle of the day for lunch at my favorite restaurant. My grandmother and aunt came to town because I am one of two granddaughters on my mom’s side of the family and they wanted to be apart of it. We started the day with both of them, my mom, sister (she was also my MOH), one of my cousins, and two of my best friends. We didn’t have any luck at the first shop, but after lunch we had an appointment at The Brides’ Shop, which is the same shop my mother found her wedding dress 26 years ago. After trying on six or seven different dresses, my consultant, Rebecca, completed the look by adding a veil. It got quiet in the room, and when I looked up everyone was getting emotional. It was one of the first moments when I felt like a bride. I could imagine walking down the isle on my father’s arm in that dress. I could imagine cutting the cake with my groom in that dress. And last (but maybe most important), I felt like a princess in that dress. I will forever cherish that day with my family and friends! Plus, I felt like a million bucks in that dress! I just kept on twirling and twirling, and my husband, Josh, would pick me up and spin me. It was the most fun dress to celebrate in!”

PRETTIEST PETALS “I told the Mandy from The Potted Pansy that peonies and dahlias were my favorite flowers. I knew we could get dahlias at the time of year (even though it was end of season), however, I also knew we could NOT get peonies (exact opposite time of when they are in season ). Well, when Mandy walked in with my bouquet there were beautiful peonies in it!!!! It was SOOO amazing. She ordered them from Chile just so she could include my favorite flower for our wedding day! She was amazing.”

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT “After the ceremony, drinks, appetizers, and photos, our guests took the tram back while I changed into a white jumpsuit with a fur coat (they wouldn’t let me rappel in my dress haha) and then we caught a tram down to the lodge. The tram stopped a couple hundred yards from the bottom, where all of our guests were watching. My uncle announced, “Now introducing Mr. & Mrs. Miller!” and we rappelled from the tram!! It was so much fun, everyone was clapping and we were just laughing! We could rappel for a bit and then stop and kiss and then rappel some more. It was great! And a pretty special way to be introduced as husband and wife.”



Photography Peyton Rainey Byford

Proposal + Engagement Photographer Emily Arné Photography

Floral Design The Potted Pansy (a #UVBvendor!)

Gown + Shoes + Belt The Brides’ Shop (a #UVBvendor!)

Necklace Tiffany & Co.

Videography Byford Films

Venue + Ceremony + Catering + Cake Snowbird

HMUA Ashley Sylvester

Groom’s Attire Bespoke Custom Clothing

Bridesmaid Dresses Show Me Your MuMu

Paper Suite Beautiful Wedding Announcements 

Ring Diamonds Direct

Rentals Diamond Events & Tent (a #UVBvendor!)

Signage C.Brumm Design

Rehearsal Dinner Sea Salt

Rehearsal Dinner Music James Miller

Ceremony Music String Love

Reception Music The Joe Muscolino Band



February 26, 2018

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