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Best of 2018 — Temple Images

Dec, 30, 2018

We see so many bridals taken at the various temples around town.

No, y’all.

Like SO MANY temple bridals. And we’ll never ever, ever, ever tire of it.

But it’s always exciting to see temple images from a new angle. These 18 images were our favorites we featured in 2018.


1 . AS SEEN IN The Cadillac Two // PHOTO Elisha Braithwaite (a #UVBvendor!) //TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS This vintage Cadillac belongs to the groom, and these two lovebirds rolled through the streets of downtown Salt Lake for the most perfect images we ever did see. We’re beyond in love with this. BEYOND.

Elisha Braithwaite Photography

2. AS SEEN IN Katelin + Cameron // PHOTO Rebekah Westover Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS Those pink blooms. That pink dress. Those stunning spires. This perfect couple. Everything about this image is a spring dream.

Rebekah Westover

3. AS SEEN ON UVB’s Instagram // PHOTO Madi Rogers // TEMPLE Provo City Center LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Love the vibe. Love the veil. Love the hands. Love the bouquet. Love that Pritchétt Bridal gown.

Madi Rogers

4. AS SEEN IN Alice + Kellon // PHOTO Jordi Jerae Photography // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS One of the most magical pre-first look moments we’ve ever seen. Makes us tear up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Jordi Jerae Photography

5. AS SEEN ON UVB’s Instagram // PHOTO Loi Photography //  TEMPLE Provo City Center Temple // UVB SAYS Can it rain always and forever? This is dripping with romance, and we’ll never be over it.

Loi Photography

6. AS SEEN IN Vintage Bohemian // PHOTO Beautifully Dunn Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple // UVB SAYS Oh, how we adore this temple, this bride, this look. And how fabulous is her red hair with that pink frock? Perfection.

Beautifully Dunn Photography

7. AS SEEN IN Stephanie + Sam’s love story in our 2018 print issue // PHOTO Jordan Bree Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Jumping temple shots bring us endless, beautiful joy. Just look at that happiness!

Jordan Bree Photography

8. AS SEEN IN Emalee + Beau // PHOTO Summer Taylor Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS These doors. That veil. This couple. This photo.

Summer Taylor Photography

9. AS SEEN IN Alta + Chris // PHOTO Tyler Rye Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Draper LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Adore this viewpoint. Adore the way they look at each other.

Tyler Rye Photography

10. AS SEEN ON UVB’s Instagram // PHOTO Photo + Film by Lexie // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Look at them. JUST LOOK AT THEM. *sob*

Photo + Film by Lexie

11. AS SEEN IN Mallory + Chip // PHOTO Whitney Brailsford // TEMPLE Draper LDS Temple // UVB SAYS We will forever love a bride + bridesmaids shot at the temple. More of this, please!

Whitney Brailsford

12. AS SEEN IN Blissfully Ever After // PHOTO Rebekah Westover Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // UVB SAYS The drama! The beauty! The romance! The kiss! We’re swept away.

Rebekah Westover Photography

13. AS SEEN IN Elise + Jake // PHOTO Sarah Meyer Photo // TEMPLE Draper LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Love is an open doorway, y’all. How gorgeous is this? (ANSWER: Absolutely gorgeous.)

Sarah Meyer Photo

14. AS SEEN ON UVB’s Instagram // PHOTO Tiffany Sangster Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS We repeat: Jumping. Photos. Forever.

Tiffany Sangster Photography

15. AS SEEN IN Bailey + Parker // PHOTO Camille Zolman Photo // TEMPLE Manti LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Like straight out of a fairy tale.

Camille Zolman Photography

16. AS SEEN IN Lauren + Jesse // PHOTO Emilie Ann Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS Ahh! The romance of it all. LOVE this fabulous fountain shot.

Emilie Ann Photography

17. AS SEEN ON UVB’s Instagram // PHOTO Elisha Braithwaite (a #UVBvendor!) // TEMPLE Salt Lake LDS Temple // UVB SAYS What an intimate, emotional, and beautiful moment. Also, this image is unforgettably unique.

Elisha Braithwaite Photography

18. AS SEEN IN Forever + Ever // PHOTO Jenzy Photos // TEMPLE Salt Lake Temple // UVB SAYS Joyful, joyful. We’re going to love this … forever and ever … forever and ever amen.

Jenzy Photos

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