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Alice + Kellon

Dec, 03, 2018


For Alice Cannon and Kellon Parkinson, it was insta fate. Alice is a popular photographer (Alice Shoots People) here in Utah, and after Kellon messaged her with hopes of a meet cute (IRL, obviously), the two met up and quickly went from Likes to love.

DARLING DATE “We both loved our first date because of how pleasantly surprised we were at how fast we connected. He asked me out over Instagram. I receive a message that said, ‘So Alice, you don’t know me Haha, so I’ll keep this short. You’re beyond gorgeous, so I’m wondering out of alllll the messages you’re probably getting all the time, what are my chances of actually being able to take you out sometime?’ So he took me on a date! He is a total foodie, and he took me to Art City Trolley, then we went bowling at Provo Beach Resort, then back to his apartment to watch ‘Heavyweights’ because I mentioned it was my favorite movie.”

PERFECT PROPOSAL “I had just flown in from photographing a wedding in Alaska and then spending nine days in Hawaii, and when my plane landed in Idaho Falls, my name was called by a flight attendant and I was told to go to the customer service desk. As I stepped off the plane, a worker asked if I was Alice Cannon, and then he handed me a letter. It was a letter from Kellon. As I made my way through the airport, various people who I did not know were handing me letters from Kellon that I was to open and read. As I got my luggage and walked out of the airport, Kellon was waiting there for me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

SPECIAL SONG “‘Say You Will.’ When we were dating, I remember telling Kellon that we had never danced, and I would love to slow dance with him. A few days later, as I walked him to his car, he asked if I had just a few more minutes. He pulled out his phone, started playing that sone, and we slow danced in the middle of the street.”

PICTURE THIS As a wedding photographer, Alice has attended her fair share of nuptials. So when it came time to plan her own, she knew exactly what she wanted. The result? A truly unique affair with vibrant colors, hanging pretzels, a showstopper paper chandelier, endless candles, and a hanging headboard with the Instagram message that stated it all. “Now we use that headboard for our bed, and it is really special to us,” Alice says. “For her gown, Alice had a custom-made fitted dress from Nouvelle Vie, as well as an over-sized tulle skirt from Fantasy Bridal she could take on and off. “I wanted the best of both worlds!” she says. For her bouquet, she had a mix of real and paper petals — courtesy of Bushel & A Peck Floral and The Lovely Ave. The majority of her vendors were close friends from the industry. “It was really special to have everyone a part of our wedding process,” she says. 

Scroll through Alice’s incredible wedding photos by Jordi Jerae Photography, which include endless sessions in the coolest locations from Joshua Tree to the craters to the Salt Lake Temple to her reception at The White Shanty.



Photography Jordi Jerae Photography

Bouquet Bushel & A Peck Floral (a #UVBvendor!)

Paper Flowers The Lovely Ave (a #UVBvendor!)

Reception Florals Tracie at Flower Bar Co.  + Robyn Wolley

Cake Kyle Borcik

Paper Suite Jill King


Reception Venue The White Shanty

Gown Nouvelle Vie

Gown Overskirt Fantasy Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

Earrings Borcik Jewelry

Rings Wilson Diamonds

Videography Jed Thunnel + Taylor Galbraith

Letter Board Love & Oak

Headboard Sign + Sign-in Board Greg Brooks


November 29, 2018
December 5, 2018

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