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Best of 2017 — GOWNS

Dec, 29, 2017

2017 was filled with the dreamiest dresses. Now let’s pillow talk! 

Scroll through our 17 favorite frocks of 2017, and then click through to see the features they hail from below. (Along with all the contributing vendors!) There were SO many gorgeous gowns to choose from, so we did our best to represent a variety of fabrics, sleeves and styles.

  1. As Seen In MOUNTAIN MAJESTY // Gown Pritchétt Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)
  2. As Seen In JUST DREAMY // Gown Alta Moda Bridal
  3. As Seen In HEART OF NATURE // Gown Bitsy Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)
  4. As Seen In WOODLAND WONDERS // Gown Elizabeth Cooper Design (a #UVBvendor!)
  5. As Seen In GOLDEN ROSES // Gown Chantel Lauren Designs
  6. As Seen In A FAIRY TALE // Gown Bridal Center (a #UVBvendor!)
  7. As Seen In THANKFUL FOR LOVE // Gown Sassy Chic Bridal
  8. As Seen In FANTASY ISLAND // Gown J. Noelle Design
  9. As Seen In BESOTTED // Gown Miss Hayley Paige
  10. As Seen In GREENS GODDESS // Gown Harlow Brides (a #UVBvendor!)
  11. As Seen In PEACHES + DREAM //Gown Jann Marie Bridal
  12. As Seen In 2017 PRINT ISSUE // Gown Gateway Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)
  13. As Seen In WIND + WONDER // Gown Janay Marie Designs
  14. As Seen In SEAMS + DREAMS // Gown Brides’ Shop (a #UVBvendor!)
  15. As Seen In STAY COOL // Gown Fantasy Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)
  16. As Seen In BLOOMIN’ // Gown Boda Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)
  17. As Seen In DRESS THE PART // Gown Sweetheart Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

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