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Best of 2017 — CAKES

Dec, 28, 2017

Suh-weet! 2017 takes the cake. 

Our pages — both glossy and scrolly — were overflowing with sugar this year. So without further ado, may we present our 17 favorite cakes of 2017 (including a handful of alt-cakes we adore).

Take a deep dive into layer after layer of goodness above, and then click through the links they belong to below. (Which contain alllllllll the participating vendors.)

  1. As Seen In BEAUTY AND THE FEAST // Cake Carrie’s Cakes // Event Design Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!)
  2. As Seen In GAME OF HEARTS// Cake Jenkins Cakes
  3. As Seen In THE WAFFLE CAKE // Cake Waffle Love (a #UVBvendor!) // Event Design Sage & Thistle Events (a #UVBvendor!)
  4. As Seen In STATE OF THE HEART // Cake Carrie’s Cakes //Wedding Planner Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!)
  5. As Seen In THE CREPE CAKE // Cake The Mighty Baker (a #UVBvendor!) // Event Design Sage & Thistle Events (a #UVBvendor!)
  6. As Seen In VICTORIAN QUEEN // Cake Flour & Flourish // Event Design Belle Bodas
  7. As Seen On @UTAHVALLEYBRIDE // Cake The Pear BlossomArt City Donuts (a #UVBvendor!)
  8. As Seen In 2017 PRINT ISSUE // Cake Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!) // Event Design Sage & Thistle Events (a #UVBvendor!)
  9. As Seen In A CLASSIC ROMANCE // Cake Annie Pugmire
  10. As Seen On @UTAHVALLEYBRIDE // Cake Love Cake Bake (a #UVBvendor!) 
  11. As Seen In THE COOKIE STACKER // Cake State Street Caterers (a #UVBvendor!)
  12. As Seen In PEACHES + DREAM // Cake Lustr
  13. As Seen In LIGHT MAGIC // Cake Vanilla House Bakery // Event Design Peony Lane Events
  14. As Seen In ENCHANTED FOREST // Cake Cupcakes! By Julie
  15. As Seen In INDUSTRIAL ELEGANCE // Cake Baking With Blondie // Event Design Sage & Thistle Events (a #UVBvendor!)
  16. As Seen In POPPY LOVE // Cake Annie Pugmire
  17. As Seen In ROSES ARE RED // Cake The Pear Blossom

Utah Valley Bride

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