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Best of 2017 — ENGAGEMENTS

Dec, 27, 2017

2017 was quite the engaging year. Winter, spring, summer or fall — we love ’em all. 

Here are our 17 favorite engagement images from 2017! Scroll through the gorgeous gallery above and then click through the links below to see their original features.

P.S. The teaser image in the header belongs to the same session as the first photo. We had the hardest time picking between the two images, so this is our way of cheating and including them both. That blanket is in the shape of a heart, people. A HEART. Could you die? 

  1. As Seen In IT’S A DATE // Photography Nhiya Kaye Photography
  2. As Seen In ALL THE YESSES // Photography Luke Porter Films
  3. As Seen In LIGHT OF YOUR LIFE // Photography Eden Strader Photography
  4. As Seen In HEARTS + FLOWERS // Photography Travis J Photography
  5. As Seen In HAPPILY EVER ALLEN // Photography JessaKae
  6. As Seen In SUNRISE + SUNSET // Photography Elisha Braithwaite Photography (a #UVBvendor!)
  7. As Seen In WILDEST DREAMS // Photography Brolin Taylor
  8. As Seen In SNOW DAY // Photography Cassandra Farley Photography (a #UVBvendor!)
  9. As Seen In CRUSHIN’ IT // Photography Braden Young Photo
  10. As Seen In ENGAGE // Photography Kimbry Studios
  11. As Seen In LOVE + JOY // Photography The Minted Company (a #UVBvendor!) 
  12. As Seen In ON THE TOWN // Photography Brooke Wilson Photography
  13. As Seen In COUNTRY LOVIN’ // Photography Summer Taylor Photography
  14. As Seen In PUCKER UP // Photography Alixann Loosle Photography (a #UVBvendor!)
  15. As Seen In SPARKLING RUBY // Photography Brianne Heiner Photography
  16. As Seen In GRUNGE + GLAM // Photography Alyssa Sorenson Photo
  17. As Seen In WIDE OPEN SPACES // Photography Madison d’Huart Photography

Utah Valley Bride

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