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Ask The Experts: 5 Tips to Dress the Part

Aug, 05, 2019
Kristina Curtis Photography // Modest by Mon Cheri


Wedding dress shopping couldn’t be more fun if it tried. Here’s five behind-the-seams tips from Barbie Berg, lead designer of Modest by Mon Cheri. Give ‘em a twirl. 

 1. KNOW YOUR BUDGET. We all love a good bargain, but be realistic with how much you are able to spend on your gown. Besides the groom, your dress is the most important part of your wedding day.  While it feels difficult to justify spending a large portion of your wedding budget on a dress you’ll only wear for one day, remember you will look at photos of the dress for the rest of your life, so make it one you are in love with!

2. SHOP EARLY. As soon as you know you are getting married, go shopping! Most dress manufacturers take 6-12 months to make and ship a gown. Stores will carry stock of dresses to help brides get something they love in the time they need it, but time is of the essence. Don’t delay shopping to lose 5 pounds — your fiancé loves you exactly as you are, and a seamstress will make sure your dress fits like a glove, even if you lose weight after you purchase it.

3. TRUST YOUR STYLIST. Something that looks frumpy on the rack may look amazing once it’s on. Your stylist knows all of their dresses and what style will be the most flattering to your body type. The majority of brides end up buying a dress they never expected to love, all because they trusted their stylist.

4. PREPARE YOURSELF. Do your hair and makeup, wear a good bra (no sports bras!), wear a body slimmer and don’t forget to eat something! These details will help your dress fit the best and make the moment you find your perfect dress a magical experience.

5. FRIENDS + HEMS. Pick your entourage carefully. It’s tempting to bring all of your friends and family to your appointment, but in truth, the bigger the group, the more confusing it gets. The perfect amount is one to three friends. And don’t forget! YOUR opinion is the one that matters the most!

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