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Ask The Experts: 5 Things Your Florist Wants You To Know

Aug, 05, 2019
Jessica White Photography // The Potted Pansy


Petals have power. And your wedding needs all the flower power it can get. So we asked Mandy Ogaz, owner of The Potted Pansy in Pleasant Grove, to give brides the root of all knowledge.

1. TRUST US. You don’t need to be the expert. That’s why you hire one! Trust us to create something beautiful and uniquely you.

2. GO WITH THE FLORAL FLOW. Flowers are living, growing organisms, and as such their coloring, size and form change continually. Giving your florist the freedom to extend your color scheme to blend color, the ability to select seasonal, quality flowers, and the flexibility to make adjustments to use only the best florals available on your wedding day, will create the most perfect florals.

3. YOUR DAY, YOUR FLOWERS. I’m almost heartbroken when a bride chooses a single photo to inspire her wedding bouquet or centerpieces. While you may love that image, you are mimicking someone else’s special day, instead of creating your own. Try selecting a handful of images you love and pull a variety of amazing details from those images to create your own look and ambiance. Then allow your florist to find common threads in them! That way the day will be truly yours. 

4. THE FEELING IS MUTUAL. We are as excited for your wedding and florals as you are! We truly have your best interest in mind and want the wedding you’ve dreamed of. The sky really is the limit when it comes to bouquets and installations! So if you have an idea, tell us about it! We’ll dream up a plan to make it happen. 

5. MATTERS OF THE ART. You’re really ordering custom pieces of art. Scan through florists’ websites and social media feeds and select the floral artist who most speaks to your heart.

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