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Preserving Your Day and Your Elegant Bouquet

Feb, 22, 2023

Orem’s Pressed Floral may be the best way to hold onto your wedding memories.

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Pressed Floral’s Blooming Business

Sarah Ebert, the founder of Orem’s Pressed Floral, has a passion for petals. With the help of her team of 22, they serve brides across the country by pressing, preserving and professionally framing their wedding bouquets as a work of art to keep forever — so the magic of the wedding day never really ends. We’re wild(flower) about Pressed Florals.  

This is Sarah’s story:

“Three and a half years ago, I thought of the idea of preserving wedding bouquets. It was a market that hadn’t been tapped, and a service I had never seen before. Working multiple jobs, but having the desire to be a creative entrepreneur, I quickly cleared my schedule to begin rounds of trial and error to learn the art of flower preservation.  

In August 2019, I finally had the confidence to launch. I built the base of my business out of a shed in the parking lot of my college home. Pressed Floral quickly gained traction — a bride wants anything and everything as a reminder of her wedding day!

Through 2020, I spent well over 60 hours a week pressing flowers, designing frames, packaging and building my social media. By 2021, Pressed Floral was well outgrowing the two sheds I had. In April 2021, I moved into a shop in Provo and hired a team. We have grown quickly and matched our growth since the day Pressed Floral started. We’ve had over 250% growth from year to year, and plan to continue to grow. 

Pressed Floral has moved from Provo and is now located in north Orem. We have built our dream shop and showroom so all of our Utah brides can come, stop by, shop, and chat with us.”

dried flowers, wedding bouquet, pressed floral, pressed flowers, wedding gift

Why, How and When to Book with Pressed Floral

Tips from the peony professionals

A Relic to Treasure – Why Preserve Your Bouquet

Everybody should save something from their wedding day, to be able to look at that object and relive the day and the love that made it all possible. Your bouquet is a key element to your wedding day, held in your hands as you walk down the aisle, recite vows and mingle at the reception. The beauty and memories it holds are immeasurable, and it deserves a permanent place, framed and hanging on your wall.  

dried flowers, wedding bouquet, pressed floral, pressed flowers, wedding gift

Tender, Loving, Professional Care – Pressed Floral over DIY

You only have one shot to preserve your original wedding blooms. Too many brides send their blooms to a friend for them to DIY it, or they do it themselves, and sadly, their flowers get ruined! Flowers are temperamental and delicate — they need to be handled with tender, loving (and professional) care, which is exactly the service offered by Pressed Floral. 

And if your blooms are long gone, Pressed Floral offers recreations, working with local florists to order replication bouquets and press them to look just like they did on your special day! 

dried flowers, wedding bouquet, pressed floral, pressed flowers, wedding gift

Timely Tulips – When to Place Your Order and Ship Your Flowers

Pressed Floral takes all orders, but the earlier you book, the better. And don’t forget to get those bouquets shipped ASAP after the wedding; Pressed Floral is usually unable to work with blooms after a week past the event date. It’s recommended to ship the blooms overnight once your order is placed, especially in the warmer months. Having the blooms sit in a truck for too long or getting passed around in the mail may prevent them from arriving in the best condition possible.  

From start to finish, the process can take 8-12 weeks to properly dry and preserve the blooms, but the finished product is worth the wait. 

It’s a lasting relic that pays homage to your special day. 

Follow Pressed Floral on Instagram: @pressedfloral_
Begin your order online today: pressedfloral.com

February 13, 2023

Utah Valley Bride

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