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Warms The Heart

Apr, 05, 2017

Spring is in the middle of springing, but we can’t say goodbye to winter wedding sessions just yet.

And can you blame us? Look at this gorgeous bride with her gorgeous groom in her gorgeous long-sleeve gown on a gorgeous blanket of gorgeous snow.

But our favorite fun fact? Sydney took her husband-to-be with her to try on wedding gowns!

“I actually brought my fiancé, Chandler, to narrow down wedding dresses before I chose one,” she says. “I already had an idea of what I wanted since I worked at Gateway Bridal, but I wanted him to be part of the process. We narrowed it down to three (even though I knew it would be the Caymbria as soon as I tried it on!) and then I came back with our moms to make the final decision. He finally saw me in my dress during our first look after guessing for months that it was the one!”

Warms the heart.



Photography Taylor Elaine Photography

Gown The Caymbria gown at Gateway Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

Makeup Marisa Rose

Location American Fork Canyon

Couple Sydney + Chandler

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