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Walk This Way

Mar, 03, 2015

Talk about walking the walk.

The Utah Valley Bride team attended the bridal wear runway show at Provo Fashion Week this past weekend, and it was some fierce fashion fun. 

Provo’s got some serious talent, so scroll through the gallery for some material magic.

P.S. There is a sample sale for the independent fashion designers who participated in PFW. It’s TODAY, from 4 to 8 p.m. at 515 N. University Avenue in Provo. What’s available? Wedding gowns and ready-to-wear sizes 00-8.


PHOTOGRAPHY Anastasia Strate



Janay Marie Designs— Janay Robison
Hair and Makeup by Meghan Espinoza and Cherisa Frank & team

Illume — Sara Sandberg
Hair and Makeup by Michelle Burnett and Catherine Bryan

Elizabeth Cooper Design
Hair and Makeup by Amy Davis and Kimber Packer

Perfectly Suited — Garth Peay
Hair by The Refinery Barber Shop

Natalie Wynn Design — Natalie Workman
Hair and Makeup by Shanna Blair and Devan Ampuero

Rebecca Nibley Designs — Rebecca Nibley
Hair and Makeup by Holly Amusu and Camille Jones

Nancy Barrus Couture — Nancy Barrus
Hair and Makeup by Ariel Lunt and Amy Rasmussen

Bree Lena — Bree Wilkins
Hair and Makeup by Leanna Ahloo, Tia Montgomery & Jessica De Armas-Guzman

Zaiya Collection — Olga Assayah 
Hair and Makeup by Yais Trevino and Nicholle Roberson

Beckett & Robb
Hair by The Refinery Barber Shop

RaeAnne Turner: RaeAnnLeeTurner@gmail.com
Hair and Makeup by Sierra Miller







March 2, 2015
March 4, 2015

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