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Vendor Vows: FORGE Jewelry Works

Feb, 11, 2015

Marriage rocks.

So much so, that UtahValleyBride.com chatted with Shawn R. Mikkelson, owner/CEO of Provo’s FORGE Jewelry Works — a team with more than 75 years of experience in the jewelry business.

Take five (questions) with Shawn, and read on as he rings true.

Q: What’s the first thing a bride should consider when purchasing a ring?  
A: Nobody should have a ring just like yours. Jump on the Internet to start searching for rings. You can see hundreds in a matter of minutes. Pin or tag your favorites. We put our guest at the center of the creative experience, so bring us your favorites and we’ll help you create the ring of your dreams.

Q: What’s your most popular service?
A: People love our CAD design software. They start with our “What’s Your Style?” quiz. We then help them refine their designs until their ring is as perfect and unique as they are.

Q: What makes FORGE unique?
A: We have a different vibe. We took out all of the high-overhead components of a typical jewelry store and made the process of choosing and creating jewelry interactive. Our customers can get custom jewelry at non-custom prices. Then there’s the “DROM” — our goldsmith’s workshop. DROM means “dream” in Danish. Our goldsmith is not tucked away in some back room where no one can see him.He’s front and center of the store. This way customers can watch and interact with our expert goldsmith while he “FORGES” their piece of jewelry. The DROM is where our customers’ ideas and dreams become a reality.

Q: Best tip for brides? 
A: In every part of your wedding planning, find a company and people you can trust. Share your style and budget with them. If they are really trustworthy, they will take pride in getting you the most for your money. We love doing that, and we love happy customers.

Q: Best part of your job? 
A: Working with people who are in love. We have customers from all different walks of life, with different tastes and different ideas. We have seen everything from tears to squeals when they see their finished piece for the first time. It’s satisfying to know you helped them go from concept to reality in making that forever piece of jewelry.

Follow FORGE on social media to see their beautiful pieces, read fun jewelry folklore, learn how to care for your jewelry, and participate in giveaways.

Facebook: @ForgeJewelryWorks

Instagram: @ForgeJWorks

Pinterest: @ForgeJWorks

Blog: forgejw.blogspot.com



February 10, 2015

Utah Valley Bride

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