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Bringing Your Pinterest Board to Life

May, 14, 2024

Girl, we know you’ve had an entire board of dream engagement rings since you were fourteen. You love the shape of this diamond, the sparkliness of that diamond band, and would love to include engraving on the inside… but you’re afraid that creating a custom ring will cost your dreamboat of a boyfriend way too much—that’s where Forge comes in. Shawn and Rischelle created Forge for couples who wanted a custom jewelry experience without the custom price tag.

The technology for custom jewelry was there, but wasn’t being utilized; the industry had to evolve, so they created a way to give brides and grooms exactly what they wanted in a ring. 

You Become the Craftsman

The name Forge means, “to create with fire.” When you step into their shop or create a custom ring with them from anywhere in the nation, you truly are stepping into the experience of “forging” your own jewelry. Their goldsmith sits right in the front of their shop, adding to the overall feel that their customers are involved in the creative process from the moment they walk in, to the second she says yes and slides that ring on her finger. 

“Custom” truly means that you have control over every. Single. Aspect. Of your jewelry. When you come to Forge, your dream ring will come to life as an experienced jeweler pulls the details from your imagination (or your Pinterest board). Anything can be customized and combined to your tastes to create the ring of your dreams. Yes, they can even put in a nod to Star Wars, a reference to Bridgerton, or a symbol that reminds you of your first date. (Yes, they can even add a reference to your favorite song lyrics, we double-checked.)

Customizing your own jewelry really allows you to add sentimental value. Shawn and Rischelle’s team will walk you through all the different ways to capture your relationship in the details. Whether it’s engraving your initials on the band, building your favorite flower into the setting, or choosing a gem in your favorite color, your ring is a love story on your finger. Baby, just say yes!

Rischelle’s 30th-anniversary ring tells their own love story. Next to a stunning main diamond, there are small diamonds on the sides to represent each of her kids, her grandkids, and more, as well as an R and S in her own handwriting underneath the setting, and a cute paw print engraved on the band for their dog—each detail is a reminder of the love they have shared together over time. 

Is it normal to get more than one engagement ring? Our Pinterest board is pretty big…

Do the Custom Rings Come With the Custom Price Tag?

This is where you reassure your fiance—it won’t be as expensive as you think. At Forge, customizing your ring actually helps control the cost. “By doing custom you can get the look that you want at the price that you want.” 

You set the budget, and your designer will build based on that. Anything can be tweaked to fit your budget. They lower their overhead costs which allows for more room to make their clients’ dreams come true. Rather than carrying a bunch of rings in stock that need to be sold, everything is designed from scratch and sent to the local manufacturer to be made to order.

And their manufacturer is as local as it gets, right in Provo Utah. Most jewelers will have their rings manufactured overseas, and their turnaround time takes between six-to-twelve weeks! With Forge’s local manufacturer, they average around a three-week turnaround time! The sooner we can get that ring on our finger, the better!

Your Expert Gemologists

The team at Forge consists of fifteen professionally trained jewelry experts, who undergo years of training and ongoing practice to become the best artisans around. It takes two years to become fully certified as a jewelry designer, and Shawn and Rischelle are always giving their team fun challenges to create unique designs. Each designer is equipped to help you create a ring that lasts, giving expert advice as they make your vision come to life. 

Rischelle says that “form follows function;” the designers know when something works or doesn’t work in a design. Forge wants you to leave with a ring that you can give to your kids and grandkids, one that won’t bend, break, or get caught on all your sweaters. 

Their head goldsmith has been in the industry for over 40 years and works right in the storefront. “There’s pretty much not any project that we can’t give him,” Rischelle says. She and Shawn wanted their guests to have a look into the jewelry-making process as part of their experience. It’s even better than being a kid in an ice cream shop!

Heirlooms to Make You Swoon

They specialize in custom engagement rings, but it doesn’t stop there. Forge creates jewelry of all kinds, whether it’s earrings, pendants, engraved pieces, or even restoring Great Grandma’s heirlooms. Shawn says, “I love taking an heirloom piece of jewelry that someone has inherited… and refurbishing it, and making it something that they can continue to wear, or even taking that design and modifying it in a way that’s more their style.” The options are endless. Someone get Grandma on the phone.

Their biggest piece of advice for couples is to “get the best ring you can afford.” They pride themselves in having so many options, whether you get a ring that’s almost $100k or one that’s less than a thousand dollars. “When couples stick to that, they’re always happy with what they create.” With such an extensive customization process, any budget can be accommodated. 

Design From Anywhere

The best part of all of this is that you can design your ring in person, or you can do the entire process online! From start to finish, creating your dream engagement ring just became even easier thanks to Forge—so even if you’re reading this all the way from the other side of the globe, you can get the “look you want at the price you want!” You don’t even have to go into the store. 

Here’s where you reassure your fiance again. We know you can’t force them into it, but it doesn’t hurt to start collecting inspo photos to show your designer at your free online consultation… Feel free to share the booking link with your future spouse.

We’ll let them know that going to Forge is the best way to get the ring you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank. 

Rings and Photography: Forge Jewelry Works

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