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Tiers of Joy

Aug, 11, 2017

We’re on a bit of an alt-cake kick lately — and we ain’t mad about it.

We featured five fab alt-cakes in our 2017 glossy pages. Our friends at Culinary Crafts created a magnificent cheese wheel cake for that editorial (pictured in the gallery), and now Mary Crafts, founder of Culinary Crafts, is sharing with us why she loves alt-cakes, along with some of her favorite creations she’s seen and made. Let’s dish. 

One of the biggest trends over the last three years has been “alternative wedding cakes.” We’ve all had one too many wedding cakes that cost a fortune, but they either don’t taste good or aren’t quite what the bride envisioned. Enter alternative wedding cakes! Couples love getting into the vision of designing a “cake” that reflects their personal style. Plus, it’s fun to create a cake they know their guests will devour! 

Here are some of my favorites (which you can scroll along with in the gallery).

First up, donuts! Who wouldn’t want to eat a donut wedding cake? Such a crowd pleaser. 

Second, cake pops! I love the colors and ease of serving a “cake pop” wedding cake. 

Or how about waffles?! Brides and their guests rave about our waffle cakes filled with layers of pastry cream and fruit. 

My all-time favorite is the “Artisan Cheese Wheel” wedding cake decorated with fresh fruits, lavosh, and served with honeys and jams. Wow! This is not only a wedding cake, but the perfect late night snack to serve a crowd! 

Then there’s a French Macaroon wedding cake in shades of the bride’s colors. No extra cake flowers needed!

So if you are over traditional wedding cakes, then let your creativity soar in creating a custom signature cake out of your favorite cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, rice krispies and more. The alt-cake is the limit! 

P.S. Need more alt-cakes? (And who doesn’t?) We’ve already shared two of the five alt-cakes from our glossy pages here + here. We still have three more to come (including Culinary Crafts’ Cheese Wheel Cake), coming to a Magazine Monday near you!



Donut Cake JDP Cake & Favors // Photo Desire Dugan Photography

Pink Cake Pop Cake Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!) // Photo Camilia Lund Photography

Americana Cake Pop Cake Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!) // Photo Alixann Loosle Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Liege Waffle Cake Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!) // Photo Britt Chudleigh

First Cheese Wheel Cake Culinary Crafts (a #UVBvendor!) // Photo Keith Westerberg

Second Cheese Wheel Cake Culinary Crafts // Photo Elisha Braithwaite Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

French Macaron Cake Baking Chick // Photo Naomi Kenton

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