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Sunshine Heights

Jul, 13, 2018

For Sariah and Aaron, getting together was a tall order.

Sariah is taller than Aaron, so when they first met, their inner-dialogue went something like this:

Sariah: “He seems like a great guy. But I would never date — let alone marry — someone shorter than me!”

Aaron: “She is so cute.” (Sariah stands up.) “Wow, that girl is really tall. Never mind!”

So they became friends. The closest of friends, even. But eventually, their romantic connection was undeniable.

“I loved the way he loved and served those around me. He was always so supportive of me in my responsibilities with school, work, and church and I wanted to see where things could go. Still, dating was not all butterflies and rainbows. Aaron and I really worked for each other. But in dating Aaron, I realized that people really do become your soul mate. ‘You choose your love, and love your choice.’ I realized that even if there was another boy who could make me happy or who I could be in love with, I would still choose Aaron. And everyday I make the conscious decision to choose him again.”

Long story tall (oh come on, we had to!), these two sweethearts got engaged outside of the Bountiful LDS Temple .

“As we were walking around, we came to a set of stairs filled with pictures of Aaron and I since childhood that led me to our friends, each holding a sign that together spelled out, ‘Will you marry me?’ Aaron got down on one knee, held my hands, and proposed. I have never been happier or more sure of saying yes.”

These two are perfection. And the photography by Clarity Lane is straight up sunshine.

Come scroll with us, lovers! And happy Friday!



Photography Clarity Lane (a #UVBvendor!)

Ring Shane Co.

Engagement Session Location The Memorial House in Memory Grove (a #UVBvendor!)

Couple Sariah + Aaron

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