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Real Talk: 4 Brides Share Covid-19 Wedding Stories

May, 22, 2020

Let’s get REAL.

We’ve shared our 6 tips for couples planning weddings during Covid-19. Now let’s hear from couples themselves. We talked to four brides — one who has postponed her wedding to 2021, and three who decided to elope now and party later.

The takeaway? There is no wrong way or time to celebrate your love. Decide what’s most important to you and your partner. Talk to your vendors. Discuss your dreams. And then do what makes your hearts happiest.


Postponing to June 2021

Alexis + George // Heather Nan Photography

Alexia Chaus and George Kyriazi were to be married on July 11, 2020. Their ceremony would have been at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Salt Lake City, and their radiant reception was to follow at River Bottoms Ranch in Midway.

But after COVID-19 hit and large gatherings catapulted into the great unknown, this new 20/20 vision led them to postpone their celebration to summer 2021. “We were devastated,” Alexia says. “So much time and energy had gone into planning our dream wedding, and just like that we had to accept that we wouldn’t be getting married in three months.”

But with the help of her wedding planner, Michelle Cousins at Michelle Leo Events, devastation ultimately turned into relief. “Michelle and her staff were our saving grace through this whole transition,” Alexia says. “They took away so much of the stress! I truly believe if I didn’t have Michelle and her awesome team supporting us, it would have been a complete disaster. She made me feel at peace. She took the ‘zilla’ out of ‘bridezilla!'”

Alexia and George’s wedding went from a Saturday this year to a Friday next year, which helped them secure their same beautiful vendors and save on any additional deposits. (Fridays are the new Saturday, y’all.) “There is always a silver lining! While we didn’t want to wait until next summer to get married, we’ve been able to see the positives and to stay positive. Honestly, after we made the decision and started to roll with it, we felt relieved. We openly communicate our thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with each other. It’s actually made us closer and our relationship stronger!”

And for now, they look forward to celebrating with loved ones a year from now at River Bottoms Ranch. “It’s definitely been a wild rollercoaster. The pandemic has become part of our love story, so experiencing our big day after everything that has happened will be that much more special,” Alexia says. “And when we finally say ‘I do,’ the most important moment will be standing with each other at the altar, knowing that through the good, bad, and even pandemics, we will alway have each other.”


Eloped in April 2020

Hanna + Braden // Bagshaw Photo & Video

April Fools? Not a chance. When Hanna and Braden Hirsch’s April 2020 wedding dreams disappeared — they dreamt up new ones.

“My dream wedding was planned for April 4, 2020,” Hanna says. “I had everything completely planned and was SO excited for our big day. I was able to have one bridal shower before everything started to fall apart. Within a couple days, everything I dreamt of and planned had to be completely redone. I was seriously heartbroken and there were a LOT of tears. I didn’t want to come to terms that my entire wedding was just canceled? I was in complete denial and decided I wanted everything we planned to be rescheduled to 2021. We were still going to move in together and hold off on the wedding.”

But the original wedding date was coming — and so was Hanna’s change of heart.

“April 4 was getting closer and closer. I was SO sad thinking about that day coming and going without that special moment attached to it. Well, four days before it came, I had a complete change of heart. I loved this man and didn’t want to wait to be married to him. We made a few phone calls, talked to some vendors, and everything just fell into place! We ended up doing a small ceremony in a backyard and it was truly one of the most amazing, intimate experiences I’ve ever been a part of. April 4th turned out to be such a special day — not because I had a big celebration, but because I got to marry my best friend in such a unique way. I’m so happy with how it turned out and will be forever grateful to everyone who helped throw it together so last minute. My motto for the rest of forever is NOTHING CAN STOP LOVE.”


Eloped in March 2020

Briana + Jared // Jordan Bree Photography

Now this is our kind of wedding March. Briana and Jared Hurst wed on the sentimental rooftops of Salt Lake City — six feet apart from their nearest and dearest.

“For me there came a point where I decided that if the world around us disappeared, what was most important and who was most important would still be there — our love, our God, and the people we loved the most,” Briana says. “Once I decided that, it became so much easier to let go of the other things.”

“We chose the location as the perfect combination of sentiment and safety. We married on a rooftop overlooking where we had our first kiss and with views of several of our other first dates. The outdoor location made social distancing easy. We decided upon two ceremonies.  One with our immediate family, children and parents — and the other with some of our closest friends. We look forward to celebrating with ALL of our loved ones when life can support a large gathering — and dance party!”


Eloped in April 2020

Cassidee + Carter // Olive Avenue Photo

For Cassidee and Carter Anderson, the Salt Flats gave their wedding a fresh start and a happily ever horizon.

“I was engaged in October of 2019 to my high school sweetheart. We dated for three years, and the wedding planning was officially beginning. We wanted a warm wedding, so we decided on May 30. I couldn’t wait. I loved the date, and I worked on wedding details and plans 24/7. I was so excited to finally have the dream wedding I had pictured since I was a little girl.”

“In March, when we were printing invitations, the pandemic started. I was DEVASTATED. I cried and cried and cried. We were shocked at the fact that it had to happen at this time, when we were finally getting married.”

“More and more closures were happening with new regulations constantly being announced. After a long and discouraging couple of weeks, my husband and I decided to have a simple elopement. We didn’t know how long this eye-opening pandemic would last or what would happen after. I was so nervous about the thought of eloping. I never pictured myself getting married this way, but I continued to plan the wedding of my dreams. I wouldn’t let anything stop me! Looking back at it now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was so peaceful having only our parents and photographers there to capture the special moments. It helped me to focus on getting married to my best friend. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.”

Utah Valley Bride

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