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Q&A: Alixann Loosle Photography

Apr, 15, 2015

Alixann Loosle is a bonafide cover girl. Her out-of-this-world images have graced the cover of Utah Valley Bride a total of five (count ’em, five!) times. Yes, she’s THAT good. (Need proof? Just scroll through the gorgeous gallery of her work above.) Because we love you, UtahValleyBride.com talked to Alixann for a snappy Q&A about wedding photography. Find out her suggestions for an engaging wardrobe, her favorite photography trend, and her must-have shot for every bride. 

Q: Top advice for brides? 

Alixann: Hire a photographer you love and who fits your style. I can’t tell you how many emails I get from girls who hated the way their wedding photos turned out. View the photographer’s portfolio and make sure you are comfortable with what you see. Also, stand out! If you’ve seen something over and over on Pinterest, do something different! Think outside the box.

Q: What do you suggest when it comes to wardrobe? How do brides know if they should dress casually or formally? 

Alixann: For engagements, I like to embrace the couple’s style — but I always recommend dresses. If you have a more casual style, wear a more casual dress. If you want something dramatic and high fashion, go for it! Everyone has a different style, but that doesn’t mean you need to show up in jeans and a T-shirt just because you consider yourself a more casual person. Stand out. Look your best. Wear attire that will attract attention.

Q: Favorite wedding photography trend right now? 

Alixann: I’m always a fan of softer colors. I love seeing wedding photos that maintain a consistent softness and color editing throughout the wedding. It really ties things together.

Q: Least favorite wedding photography trend?

Alixann: I’m not a huge fan of overly-contrasted photos or fish-eye lenses.

Q: As the photographer, what information do you want from the bride? 

Alixann: I want to understand her style and personality. When I initially book the bride, I immediately send her an email with questions about what she’s looking for from the engagement session. I also give advice on props/locations, as well as ask for a picture of the bride and groom together. This usually helps get the ball rolling. Then the ideas start flooding.

Q: Favorite general wedding trend? 

Alixann: Currently, my favorite trend is black. For a long time, nobody used black in weddings, but I’ve seen it popping up lately in a very classy, elegant way.

Q: What’s your must-have shot for every bride?

Alixann: A shot of the bride looking back at me over her shoulder. It’s flattering. And there’s something about that shot that feels so sweet and intimate.

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