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Maid For Each Other

Jul, 08, 2019

It’s Magazine Monday! And today we’re sharing 18 wedding party trends to BEFRIEND — straight from our glossy pages! To go along with these 18 questions and answers, we worked with Chantel LaurenCassandra Farley PhotographyLilly and Iris, and Kali Chris Hair & Makeup to create three bridesmaid inspirations for you. We’ve shared the first two here and here. And we’ll share the third one (pictured above) when it’s corresponding cover becomes available on newsstands.

Girl squads unite!

Is there anything more fun than partying with your best girls at your wedding? (Oh, all right. Grooms can be pretty fun, too.) Here are 18 questions to consider when thinking about your dearly-beloved girl squad. Then, scroll through the 30+ images of local bridesmaids below and get inspired. Let’s get this (wedding) party started.

  1. HOW MANY BRIDESMAIDS? The number of bridesmaids is entirely up to you, boo. Typically, here in Utah, we see brides choose anywhere from two to 12. Talk to your groom about his “bro count,” and then play a friendly “numbers” game to match them up.
  2. WHAT DO BRIDESMAIDS EVEN DO? They help plan your bridal shower and bachelorette party. The Matron of Honor is officially in charge, but your girl gang should support her. In a traditional ceremony, bridesmaids will walk down the aisle. (This is often also the case for LDS brides who have ring ceremonies.) 
  3. DO I HAVE TO “PROPOSE” TO MY BRIDESMAIDS? You mean do you GET to propose to your bridesmaids? We kid, we kid. “Popping the question” to your besties can make for a delightful start to your wedding party friendship. But if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. (And that’s OK!)
  4. OUTFITS: SAME OR DIFFERENT? The pro for matching outfits is your bridal party will have a clean, consistent look. (A big plus for elegant, formal affairs.) The pro for different outfits is that variety is interesting and eclectic. It can also be a beautiful way to cater to varying shapes and sizes of girls in the squad. 
  5. WHO PAYS FOR THE DRESSES? This varies wildly, depending on the age and situation of a bride. But generally, bridesmaids are responsible for paying for their outfits. So unless you plan to gift it to them, be cognizant of price. (And be especially sensitive to friends with tricky financial situations.)
  6. WHO PAYS FOR THE FLOWERS? That’s you, girlfriend! The flowers are a part of your overall wedding design, so that is a cost you and your family will cover. EXTRA TIP: If you’re concerned about cost, do an all-greens bouquet for the girl squad.
  7. READY FOR GIRL TALK? Regardless of what you decide on money matters — talk about it up front! Be open, clear and concise with your friends on what the pricing expectations are for dress, travel and any necessary accommodations. This will save you all headaches (and prevent any secret, snarky backtalk!). 
  8. SHOULD I REQUIRE THEM TO GET THEIR HAIR + MAKEUP DONE? If you’re willing to foot the bill for everyone — absolutely! But if that’s not in your budget, don’t force them to make it a part of theirs. It’s kinda rude, boo. (Plus, there are kinder, gentler ways to suggest such things.)
  9. SHOULD I DO A PHOTO SHOOT WITH MY BRIDESMAIDS BEFORE THE WEDDING? If they’re game, absolutely! The wedding day itself can be a hectic one, so if you have your heart set on bombshell bestie pics, coordinate it beforehand. And if you do, incorporate fun props (a la balloons)!
  10. WHAT ARE THE BEST BRIDESMAID POSES + PHOTOS? Ahem. You’re looking at them right on this here UtahValleyBride.com! Additionally, look at our print magazine, Pinterest and talk with your photographers about specific shots you want with your gal pals. 
  11. WHAT DO I DO IF MY BRIDESMAIDS ARE FIGHTING? Figure out the root of the drama. Does it have to do with the expectations you set (or didn’t set)? Or the roles you assigned (or didn’t assign)? If it’s in your power to fix it, do it. If it’s not, kindly tell them to knock it off, pretty please!
  12. WHAT DO I DO IF MY BRIDESMAIDS DON’T AGREE WITH MY PLANNING DECISIONS? Be kind. Hear them out. And then do what your heart tells you to do. This is your wedding. You get to call the shots. Simple as that.
  13. WHO GETS TO PAIR UP THE BRIDESMAIDS + GROOMSMEN FOR THE AISLE WALK? That would be you and your groom! We’re sure both sides of the wedding party will have all kinds of opinions on this, but there’s only one opinion that matters. (Psst! It’s yours!)
  14. ADVICE FOR BRIDESMAID BOUQUETS? Share the bridesmaid dress shade with your florist. “Knowing the color helps your florist to choose flowers in colors, shades and tones that will coordinate beautifully,” says Alexa Johnson, owner of Lilly and Iris. 
  15. SHOULD I MAKE A SCHEDULE FOR MY BRIDAL PARTY ON MY WEDDING DAY? Absolutely! If there are specific things you want your party to help with day-of, let them know ahead of time and keep them on task.
  16. WHAT IF I’M A BRIDEZILLA AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW IT?! When you start your wedding planning, have your friends pledge that they will keep you on the diva-free path. Or, that at the very least, they will call you out on your divadom with humor and love.
  17. SHOULD WE GET READY TOGETHER ON THE WEDDING DAY? If it’s at all possible, definitely! What could be more exciting than getting glam while you gush and gab with your best friends right before you marry your best man? (To clarify: Right before you marry YOUR best man. Not THE best man.)
  18. SHOULD I GET MY BRIDESMAIDS A THANK-YOU GIFT? Yes! A million times yes! It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but a meaningful memento or keepsake is the perfect way to say thank you for being there from the “I will” to the “I do.”
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