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Knot Really A Reception

Sep, 27, 2018
Mary Jessica Photography

Hey, engaged ones! (Or engaged-to-be-engaged ones …) Have we got a dearly-beloved event for you!

Knot Really a Reception is a bridal show alternative — a faux wedding reception date night. It’s on Oct. 18 at the Manor at the Riverwoods — and y’all don’t want to miss this.

The evening will feature an immersive date night experience. Couples will enjoy the unique opportunity to experience the services of local wedding vendors in action.

“Yes, our couples will attend a wedding reception, but it’s (k)not REALLY a reception,” says Becca Daley, co-founder of Knot Really a Reception. “There are fake brides, fake grooms, fake rings, fake gifts … but REAL food, music, prizes, and fun!”

Couples will participate in an introductory first-dance lesson (seriously! how fun is that?), a cake cutting and tasting, a bouquet toss for prizes, a food tasting, and much more. Couples will experience current wedding trends while exploring two unique reception styles in the same night. What’s more, couples can meet local wedding vendors face-to-face in a more relaxed and personal setting.

“Now, couples can see vendors’ work at someone’s wedding without actually going to a real wedding!” says Kim Daley, co-founder. “It’s difficult to find vendors, and this experience alleviates that step by giving couples a better option to discover vendors.”

Looking for a date night? Save the DATE! October 18th, y’all.

Tickets to this experience are limited, so book now while they’re still available. Couples tickets are $25 and available online at www.knotreallyareception.com.

P.S. We’re giving away tickets to one lucky couple on our Instagram today at 4 p.m.! Stay tuned for a chance to win! 

P.P.S. Attendees will also get a FREE copy of our 2018 glossy pages! Woot!

Mary Jessica Photography
Mary Jessica Photography
Mary Jessica Photography
Mary Jessica Photography
Mary Jessica Photography

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