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Kiss From A Rose

Feb, 08, 2016

This proposal could not be more engaging.Nikki and Trent Lloyd’s Thanksgiving Point wedding is featured on our 2016 glossy pages, but we’re thrilled to share on UtahValleyBride.com the entire story and images behind their New York City proposal and engagement photos. Marry reading! 

It was a snowy Saturday in New York City, and Nikki was on her way to model in a shoot for a friend — completely unaware of what Trent had planned.

Nikki got off the subway at Lincoln Center and quickly realized there was no shoot. Her friend was standing on top of the steps with an empty basket, a video camera and a Tiffany’s bag. Inside the Tiffany’s bag was a time piece necklace and a note that said, “This is for time …”

Her friend directed her where to walk next, and as she began to walk down Broadway, random New Yorkers began putting white roses in her basket and paying her compliments. She began following the trail of flowers to Central Park, where friends and family began to greet her with bouquets of white roses.

They escorted Nikki to a path in the park, where she followed it until she saw her man standing in the distance on a snow covered, candlelit staircase. When Nikki reached the top, they spoke a few words and shed a few happy tears. He told her how as a kid he used to dream of proposing to his future wife with a watch for “time” and a ring for “eternity.” That is when he pulled out a box and got down on one knee.

Nikki said “YES” before he was even able to finish the word “marry.” And followed up that “yes” with about a dozen more.

The surprises weren’t over. They walked back to Tavern on the Green where he had a romantic dinner planned for two. They were taken back to their table, which was actually a big room filled with close family and friends who flew in from out of town. Nikki‘s dad was there with a bouquet of flowers, rounding out her total to 200 white roses.



Photography Lindsey Lu Creations

Couple Nikki Bohne + Trent Lloyd

February 9, 2016

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