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Keeping Up With The Joneses

Mar, 19, 2015

When Josselyn White met Isaiah Jones, the ball was in his court. The two athletes (she played volleyball at Utah State and he played football) connected in a tall way. “His first impression of me would definitely be that I was tall-taller than him,” Josselyn says. “He says he always wanted to date me, he just had to find a way to overcome the whole height difference. I’m glad he did!” In fact, Isaiah actually stuffed his shoes with an extra pair of socks one day to try and look taller! Talk about a shoe-in. Their charming proposal dazzled with rose petals, flowers and desserts. While a slideshow of pictures played, Isaiah sang the song “Back at One” by Brian McKnight. After a couple of verses he substituted, “Josselyn will you marry me?” And marry him she did. When it came to wedding planning, Josselyn wanted her flowers to have power. “Soil & Stem did an awesome job of bringing to life the rustic theme we were going for.” And the speeches at the wedding were the talk of the day. “They were by far my favorite part! We both couldn’t stop crying.”


Wedding Planner Charming Details
Groom’s Attire Leven’s
Flowers Soil & Stem
Cake LeLoup
Invitations Nikkol Christiansen

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