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In Your Goddess Era: A Divine Boudoir Experience

May, 08, 2024

“Every woman has sparks of divinity within them—it’s our job to help you see the Divine Feminine in you!” 

Brittny Hart, the owner of Love Brittny Photography and Utah Valley Bride, is the mastermind behind the life-changing, transformative experience that is Divine Feminine Boudoir. With over a decade of experience in wedding photography, Brittny first stepped into the boudoir realm by attending her own boudoir session. 

Divine Feminine Boudoir was born from Brittny’s desire to help all women experience a transformation—a shift from negative cultural programming into self-acceptance and love. 

Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess

A boudoir session can be as straightforward as a pampered photoshoot (might we add, with photos that make a great gift for your significant other!). However, with Divine Feminine Boudoir, it’s more than that… Boudoir can be a tool to help women challenge inaccurate self-perceptions, and replace them with more compassionate, confident beliefs.  

The Divine Feminine team has done over 500 hundred sessions and counting, serving brides and women in all stages of life. The service each client gets in a boudoir session goes above and beyond just pictures; it’s a full-day, luxurious, and transformative experience for each client, with a 100% success rate. Brittny gives a new meaning to “heavenly bodies.”

The name “Divine” reflects exactly what it is: a re-connection with your inner goddess and a celebration of yourself. 

The Divine Experience

Booking a session with Divine Feminine Boudoir is a full day of luxury. Housed in their private studio in the heart of Utah County, the experience includes professional hair and makeup services, access to multiple private studio spaces, loving encouragement throughout the shoot, professional posing, unlimited outfits, and so much more. You get to decide what you’re comfortable with, and Brittny and her team coach you through each and every step along the way. “It’s way easier than you think, and way more fun than you think!” An entire day of heavenly glam and pampering? Yes, please!

Every woman arrives at the photo shoot feeling nervous and self-critical. Yet, by the end of the experience, she falls in love with all of her photos! The mindset shift happens during the full-day experience as Brittny and her team coach clients through “boudoir therapy”—it’s the perfect preparation for the photo reveal.

“After about ten pictures in, there is a shift in their mindset. That’s when it starts to click, and it shakes them in a good way,” Brittny says. When clients come in expecting to walk away with only a few photos that they’ll like, they’re shocked to learn that they love so many of them, often to the point of getting emotional. “At picture 75, that’s when the tears start. It’s a really special experience.” BRB, booking our own session ASAP!

Seeing your photos is like being reintroduced to the woman you have become, or the woman you always were: beautiful, strong, and resilient—all of that with a fresh dose of compassion. “A few days ago one of our clients saw her own photo and exclaimed, ‘I love that girl…I didn’t know I could love her so much!’” 

Each client has the opportunity to design their photos in a gorgeous photo album that’s hand-made in Portugal, along with other luxury print options. The finished photos lean towards a classy, statuesque, Greek goddess vibe with an added layer of glam that would make even Aphrodite jealous. 

Utah Valley Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal boudoir sessions are a fun and spicy way to celebrate yourself as you enter a new phase of life. So many brides stress about getting the groom a wedding gift that has sentimental value, something that he wouldn’t just buy for himself. “All your spouse really wants is you,” as Brittny puts it—and that makes a boudoir album the perfect wedding gift. 

And bridal boudoir doesn’t have to be just a few outfits. With unlimited options, you can tie in your favorite wedding details like shoes, jewelry, a veil, and much more. Bring something borrowed and something blue. Bring in all the diamonds and sparkle you want, and walk away with a meaningful gift for your future spouse and see yourself lovingly from their perspective.

Brittny’s number one piece of advice for brides is to book as far in advance as possible. Booking three to six months ahead of time allows for time to order albums and prints in time for your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t book if you have less time than that—there is always time to have a life-changing experience at Divine Feminine. 

This Is a Sign from the Gods

As cheesy as it sounds, every single person with a body can do a boudoir shoot. It doesn’t matter your age, shape, size, or position in life. Brittny has seen it all. “I don’t think that a body can disqualify you from loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin,” she emphasizes. 

Photography: Divine Feminine Boudoir

Utah Valley Bride

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