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Fall The Feels

Nov, 14, 2018

This golden session with golden leaves and golden love between the bride and groom is giving us falllllllll the feels. (Oh, come on, WE HAD TO.)

We love Kallie’s simply chic gown. We love that incredible orange bombshell of a bouquet. We love her sparkly stunner from Forge Jewelry Works. And we love every warm and wondrous image by Kalynne Paige Photography.

Never leave us, fall weddings! Never leave us.

Get swept away by the season and scroll through these golden images.



Photography Kalynne Paige Photography

Floral Kalynne Brady

Gown Macy’s

Ring Forge Jewelry Works (a #UVBvendor!)

Couple Ty + Kallie

November 20, 2018

Utah Valley Bride

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