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Dec, 27, 2019

Next up on our Best of 2019 is First Looks + Formal images! It’s a mix of real and styled couples, and some of the most jaw-dropping, heart-gasping images are included on this list.

We can’t wait to share them with you.


1. AS SEEN IN Wedded Wonder // PHOTO Tews Visual // GOWN Alta Moda Bridal // COUPLE Abby + Trent Henderson // EDITOR’S NOTE That booty grab, tho. 🙂

Tews Visual

2. AS SEEN IN Lex + Jordan // PHOTO Katie Griff Photo // COUPLE Lex + Jordan

Katie Griff Photo

3. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride + Our 2019 Print Issue // PHOTO Tyler Rye (a #UVBvendor!) // BRIDE Niki Wong

Tyler Rye Photography

4. AS SEEN IN Desert Watercolor // PHOTO As Ever Photography // FLORAL The Potted Pansy (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Alta Moda Bridal

As Ever Photography

5. AS SEEN IN Aubrey + Ian // PHOTO Alayna G. Clark Photography // COUPLE Aubrey + Ian

Alayna G. Clark Photography

6. AS SEEN IN Come Fly With Me // PHOTO Cassandra Farley Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Chantel Lauren Designs (a #UVBvendor!)  // COUPLE Madi + Madsen

Cassandra Farley Photography

7. AS SEEN IN Salt Meets Sweet + Our 2019 Print Issue // PHOTO Tiffany Sangster Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // FLORAL Bushel & A Peck Floral Design (a #UVBvendor!)

Tiffany Sangster Photography

8. AS SEEN IN Poppy Perfection // PHOTO Megan Robinson Photography // GOWN Natalie Wynn Design

Megan Robinson Photo

9. AS SEEN IN Flower Power // PHOTO Roxana B. Photography // FLORAL Conner Nesbit

Roxana B Photography

10. AS SEEN IN Madeline + Logan // PHOTO Nicole Aston Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // FLORAL The Potted Pansy (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN The Perfect Dress (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Madeline + Logan

Nicole Aston Photography

11. AS SEEN IN Mountain Fairy Tale // PHOTO Sloan Olivia Photography // FLORAL Blushing Rose Floral (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Trey + Stefanie

Sloan Olivia Photography

12. AS SEEN IN Hey, Lover // PHOTO Makenna Toolson Photography // GOWN The Perfect Dress (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Chuch + Ale

Makenna Toolson Photography

13. AS SEEN IN Rock With You // PHOTO Joce Johnson Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Fantasy Bridal (a #UVBvendor!) // HMUA Salon Pritchétt (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Gavin + Jeneca

Joce Johnson Photography

14. AS SEEN IN Swept Together // PHOTO Jenzy Photos // GOWN Alta Moda Bridal // COUPLE Sav + Brayden

Jenzy Photos

15. AS SEEN IN Forever Fairy Tale // PHOTO Jessica E. Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Mary’s Bridal (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Angelica + Joe

Jessica E. Photography

16. AS SEEN IN To The Moon And Back // PHOTO Mikki Platt // FLORAL Mille Fleur Design (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Natalie Wynn Design

Mikki Platt Photography

17. AS SEEN IN Fairy Tale Fancy // PHOTO Olive Avenue Photography // GOWN Something Borrowed Bridal

Olive Avenue Photography

18. AS SEEN IN Sweet, Sweet Romance // PHOTO Bri Ellis Photography // GOWN Restoration Bridal // FLORAL Flower Love // COORDINATION Cake by Madeline

Bri Ellis Photography

19. AS SEEN IN Sunset Queen // PHOTO Julia Mather Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // FLORAL Mille Fleur Design (a #UVBvendor!) // GOWN Betsy Couture

Julia Mather Photography

Utah Valley Bride

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