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Dec, 27, 2019

She said yasssssssss.

So … we love engagements. Like, LOVE love. They are bursting with happiness and the promise of dearly beloved days to come. Here are our top 19 engagements + proposals we featured in 2019!


1. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTOS Dallin and Cienna // COUPLE Deirdre + Jon // EDITOR’S NOTE Two proposals. One couple. These two babes each pulled off a surprise proposal! Deirde was first in the forest, and then Jon came boating along. We’re obsessed with them now. It’s fine. We’re fine.

Dallin and Cienna
Dallin and Cienna

2. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride + Simply Engaging // PHOTOS Paige Nicolle Photography + Rebekah Westover Photography // COUPLE Meg Skalla + Zachary Hunsaker

Paige Nicolle Photography
Rebekah Westover Photography

3. AS SEEN ON Snowy + Sparkly Surprises // PHOTOS Kenny Dawn Photography // GOWN Chantel Lauren Designs (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Matt + Melanie Gills

Kenny Dawn Photography

4. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride + City Sweethearts // PHOTOS Emma McCullough + Emilie Ann Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Sav Vincent + Ben Swenson

Emma McCullough Photography
Emilee Ann Photography

5. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Nicole Aston Photography (a #UVBvendor!) //COUPLE Christine + Jon

Nicole Aston Photography

6. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Summer Soelberg Photography// COUPLE Alexa James + Brian Lunt // EDITOR’S NOTE These two met modeling on a shoot that was featured on UtahValleyBride.com (second pic below)! Then what happens? They fall in love, of course! We love, love, LOVE this love story.

Summer Soelberg Photography
Summer Soelberg Photography

7. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Duke Moose Photography // COUPLE Chloe + Scotty

Duke Moose Photography

8. AS SEEN ON Fall For Them // PHOTO Gideon Photo // COUPLE Jaycee + Tyler

Gideon Photo

9. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // COUPLE Hailey Horner + Weston Bonny

Photo Courtesy Hailey Horner

10. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Nicolette Monson Photography // COUPLE McCall + Tanner

Nicolette Monson Photography

11. AS SEEN ON Truly Engaging // PHOTO Kallie Porter Photography // COUPLE Blair + Dan

Kallie Porter Photography

12. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Alyssia B. Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Kristen + Ryan

Alyssia B Photography

13. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Makenna Toolson Photography // VENUE Thanksgiving Point (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Lauren + Parker Wilde

Makenna Toolson Photography

14. AS SEEN ON Sunset Love // PHOTO Jessie and Dallin // COUPLE Joe + Emma

Jesse and Dallin Photography

15. AS SEEN ON Pretty Fly // PHOTO Anna Loader Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Maureen + Neil

Anna Loader Photography

16. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Kristina Curtis Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Ryan + Megan

Kristina Curtis Photography

17. AS SEEN ON Sweet Gardens // PHOTO Alexia Nilsen Photography // COUPLE Ashley + Brian

Alexia Nilsen Photography

18. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Perrywinkle Photography // COUPLE Cheyenne + Sasha

Perry Winkle Photography

19. AS SEEN ON @UtahValleyBride // PHOTO Spencer Ryan Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Kade + Kynlee

Spencer Ryan Photography

BONUS ENGAGEMENT FAVORITES! Our dearly beloved publisher, Jeanette Bennett, had TWO kids get engaged and married this year — Hailey + Jeff and Nathan + Tory. Jeanette will be sharing all the things she learned about planning two weddings within five weeks of each other in our 2020 print issue, which will come out at the end of January!

Hailey + Jeff
Nathan + Tory // Kalli White Photography + Video

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