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Sealed With A Kiss

Feb, 14, 2018


Tyler Rye Photography

Welcome to our 4th annual Valentine’s Day kissing gallery! (aka the smackdown!) We were overwhelmed with submissions from brides, vendors, and photographers, and it was positively painful cutting it down to our favorite 20 images. But you know what? If that’s our lot in life, so be it. (But you can still feel sorry for us if you want to. Ha!)

Scroll through these perfect puckers below, and have the happiest (and kissiest) Valentine’s Day ever!


PHOTO Duke Moose

PHOTO Alice Shoots People (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Jenelle + Elijah

PHOTO Tyler Rye Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

PHOTO Ashley Smith Photography

PHOTO Blake Hogge // COUPLE Daren + Lisa, the photographer’s parents, taken for their 34th wedding anniversary! (!!!!)

PHOTO Gideon Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

PHOTO Nora and Jacob Photography // BRIDE Adalyn Thompson

PHOTO Connie Balluff Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

PHOTO Alicia Thomas Photography

PHOTO Clarity Lane Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

PHOTO Nicole Aston Photography

PHOTO Joce Johnson Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // COUPLE Rachel + Logan

PHOTO Morgan Weaver // COUPLE Daisy + Walker

PHOTO Jacki M. Photography

PHOTO Summer Taylor Photography (a #UVBvendor!) // HMUA Mariah Gera

PHOTO Brittany Anne Jarman // BRIDE Carly Mattingly // GOWN Pritchétt Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

PHOTO Eden Strader Photography // BRIDE Steph McGuire

PHOTO Sunny Days Photography // COUPLE Nikki + Stefano

PHOTO Lindsey Orton Photography // COUPLE Braiden + Katie

PHOTO Simply Amor Photography (a #UVBvendor!)



February 15, 2018

Utah Valley Bride

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