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Rosemary + Kyle

May, 02, 2022

It’s Magazine Monday! And today we have a closer look at the impeccable + intimate wedding of Rosie and Kyle from our 2022 glossy pages. Do. Not. Miss.

Rosemary Card married Kyle Hurst in a charmingly cozy celebration. The couple — set up by a mutual friend in late 2019 — were married in a ceremony surrounded by loved ones and then sealed later that afternoon in the Jordan River LDS Temple. “Our wedding felt like a huge sigh of relief. It was all we could have hoped for,” Rosie says. “We wanted it simple, family-focused, and as safe as possible.” Thanks to Covid, the guest list was family only, which had some surprise benefits. “I loved that I didn’t have to introduce myself to someone new or make any small talk,” she says. “It felt like a true celebration for all of us. The stress and anxiety melted away. I loved being able to soak it all in and enjoy every moment.”

The intimate event was peppered with toasts and tacos. And Rosie’s no fool. “I’ve heard of many brides and grooms not getting a chance to eat at their reception,” Rosie says. “We love Tandoori Taqueria too much to let that happen.”

Rosie owns two clothing companies, Q.NOOR and Card Wear. And as a entrepreneur herself, she made a point to work with women-owned businesses — from fashion to food to flowers. “It was fun to personally enjoy the work of these women I’ve long admired,” she says.

As for changing her name? Not in the cards. “I’ve been Rosie Card all my life, and it just felt right to keep it that way,” she says. “There are lots of reasons to change your last name and to keep your last name. My hope is women feel the space and power to figure out what they and their partners want and then work together to make that happen. “As two people in their 30s, we’ve both had our fair share of dating experiences. Kyle made my life easy and better. He has not only made me feel safe to be myself, but he’s always encouraged it.”     

THE DETAILS In wedding planning, Rosie and Kyle opted for sweet simplicity. The details were serene and dreamy, and they included the people — and pups — they love most. “My dogs, George and Ted, are my world. They were my faithful companions through all the ups and downs of dating and starting my business through my 20s,” she says. “Kyle is a dog lover and has loved them like they were his own from day one. They’re our best boys and we wouldn’t start our family without them.” As for the fashion, both looks have us smitten. Her gown from The Perfect Dress is truly elegant, and her suit by Nadine Merabi is absolute fire. The evening ended with dancing, and  — as a surprise to Kyle — mechancial bull riding. “A bit unorthodox, but such a fun way to end the day.”

SISTERHOOD OF THE POWERFUL PANTS “I grew up in a family of five girls,” Rosie says. “When we were young, the ultimate blow was, ‘O ya? You won’t get married until you’re so old that you’ll have to wear a pantsuit and loafers!’ Looking back, that’s of course silly for so many reasons. But given that I was the last sister to get married and at the oldest age, including a pantsuit felt like a fun nod to my childhood and to what I’ve accomplished as a single adult. As a feminist, I also love pushing boundaries of what is traditional or expected of me as a woman.”


COUPLE Rosie Card + Kyle Hurst // PHOTOGRAPHY Shannon Elizabeth Photography // GOWN The Perfect Dress (a #UVBvendor!) // PANTSUIT Nadine Merabi // FLORAL Rachel Osguthorpe // VIDEOGRAPHY Jenny Flynn // CATERING Tandoori Taqueria // CAKE LUSTR Creative // HAIR + MAKEUP Brynn Thomas // DRINKS Honest John Bitters // MUSIC Abigail Yates Music // RINGS Mejuri (engagement) + J. Brooks Jewelers (wedding bands) // MECHANICAL BULL Brincolines Garcia’s // DAY-OF COORDINATION Brittany Barth

April 27, 2022

Utah Valley Bride

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