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Party For a Living: Your Bestie the DJ

Feb, 03, 2024

You want your wedding to be, quite literally, the party of a lifetime, and DJ Scotty J is your go-to party expert. With his life-of-the-party personality, there really isn’t a better man for the job. 

Scotty is known for his famous greeting, “What up, fam bam!” and his incredibly contagious grin. Everyone who has ever met him knows how energetic and fun he is to be around, and that energy translates tenfold to the weddings he DJs. It’s hard not to party when Scotty’s running the show. Have you ever seen a DJ get all the grandparents dancing? We have—when DJ Scotty J’s in charge.

Master Scotty

After getting his undergrad in video and audio production, Scotty went on to get his master’s degree in recording from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona. While he was there, he joined a DJ company where he learned all about what it takes to be a pro, and he loved it. DJing helped him get his degree while he did what he loved. Who better to run the sound at your wedding than an actual audio engineer? And not only is he a master of music, but he takes “partying for a living” very seriously. 

“Every wedding is a Super Bowl,” he says. For each couple, it’s the most important celebration of their lives. He walks into weddings with the mindset that he wants to give it his all, every single time. With how energetic and expressive he is, you know without a doubt that you will be getting your “Super Bowl” when he’s there. “Yes, I’m an audio engineer, and I do all that fancy stuff, but at the end of the day I just want to party.” Where’s my Kelce jersey?

Scotty wants the positive experience of each guest to be a reflection of the couple and their love story. “The best compliment I get is when couples come up to me months after the wedding and tell me that they still have people talking about how much fun their wedding was.” He wants people to remember the bride and groom and how much fun their day was because Scotty did his job well. It’s your day, all about you, and Scotty knows that. 

Trading Friendship Bracelets with Your DJ

DJ Scotty J prioritizes building a relationship with his clients. “I hate being seen as just a DJ.” He genuinely wants to be your bestie. Scotty schedules time to meet with every couple ahead of time, whether it’s over a video call, or you all go out to grab lunch together. He gets to know each client personally to curate a set that matches them and their wedding perfectly—he takes absolutely everything into consideration. If you love T-Swift but your fiance prefers ACDC, Scotty will make it work. Ever heard a mashup of Lavendar Haze and Back in Black?

Scotty DJed for one wedding where the bride wanted to incorporate banda mariachi music as a tribute to her heritage, while the groom was a heavy metal head. Scotty used both types of music in his set and it got every single person on the dance floor, and it was so much fun for him. 

That’s one of his favorite parts of being a DJ; he loves music, and he loves finding new music that he wouldn’t have found otherwise. He really took the time to get to know that couple and what they wanted on their big day to make it special for them.

BRB, looking up a metal mariachi playlist. 

90’s Hits or Early 2000’s Bangers?

He’ll usually have the couple start making a list of music they like, and he’ll be the one who sorts it all with you and plans when it’s going to be played, whether it’s during the cocktail hour or ten minutes into the dance party. He’ll ask very specific things, like when you graduated and went to college, and that will tell him what type of music you like to dance hard to. Do you get down with Nikki and Kesha or is Tupac more your style? You get to work with Scotty to curate your unique sound when you hire him. 

Vendor tip!—Something that a lot of people overlook when they’re planning music on their wedding day is also making a do-not-play list. The last thing Scotty wants as a DJ is to put on a song and watch the bride and groom’s shoulders droop, killing the dance floor. He takes absolutely everything into consideration. 

When Does This Song End?

But Scotty is more than just the guy who plays music. He can help guide your guests through the day and keep everything on schedule; he’s someone who you can trust to help run the night so your mom doesn’t have to, and “make sure to keep the mic out of Cousin Eddy’s hands to avoid disaster.” That alone is worth it, in our opinion. 

It takes a great DJ who knows what they’re doing to create the party of your dreams on your wedding day. Having a professional artist in charge of the night and the music makes a world of difference. Because he has so much experience, he knows what will work to get everyone on the floor and get hype, and he “won’t play all four minutes of The Cha Cha Slide so no one gets bored.” Everyone knows you skip to the next song after the rap in Fergalicious. Who knew how long that song could be?

Scotty J’s Dream Wedding

“The end goal for DJing would be to end up on a big stage somewhere, like Tomorrowland or EDC.” He would love to DJ at a wedding for one of his heroes, someone like Chris Bumstead and his fiance. Hey, Scotty, when you snag an invite to that party, bring us along?

His biggest advice to any couple planning a wedding is to enjoy the process. No one ever goes into their wedding saying, “Next time.” Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s one of the most special moments of your life. “You’re marrying your best friend, and you get to spend the rest of your life with them. If you remember that, it takes the stress away.” There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding, and Scotty knows that, but there is the perfect person for you, and that’s what you’re celebrating. Hand me the tissues.

He also says to make sure that you’re hiring vendors that you feel comfortable with and that you can trust on your wedding day. “You invited all of your favorite people to your wedding to celebrate, and your vendors don’t have to be any different. This is your special day and you want to be surrounded by the people who can see that.”

Trust us when we say, all it takes is one conversation with Scotty to know you made the right choice in a DJ, and your future bestie! You can find DJ Scotty J on Instagram or check out his website

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