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Kicking Down Doors in Sparkly Shoes

Jan, 27, 2024

Cheval was a well-known, award-winning wedding dress designer for years. Regardless of what she designs, she is known for her magically glitzy works of art that have girls around the world fangirling over everything she creates, saving all the photos to their inspo boards! 

But tragedy struck this heroine. In a heartbreaking legal battle with her former employer, she lost access to the brand she had built, along with her personal social media accounts, and the ability to continue in the industry as a wedding dress designer. She is also prevented from using her own birth name in any business or commerce, or even to publicly identify herself. 

Her Hero’s Journey

Despite such a devastating heartbreak, Cheval didn’t let it prevent her from doing what she loves, or from being a loving person. “I didn’t want this to stop me from being someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.” After hearing her story, she hopes women will learn the importance of being hopeful, authentic, and true to themselves. “I believe it’s always worth the risk, but it’s important to look at how you can maintain your enthusiasm for your craft while also protecting yourself.”

But wait—the story doesn’t end there! Cheval continues to be an inspiration on how to pivot into a new dream, one filled with even more glitter! From feathers and bows to glitter and velvet, She Is Cheval shoes are designed with every girl’s unique journey in mind. Each shoe tells a specific story, laced with “a dash of mischief and a rising tide of good charisma.” Combining personal expression with sentimental value, it’s clear that each and every design is a reflection of Cheval’s meticulous attention to detail. Along with her co-founder Elyse, they released the first “season” of She Is Cheval in 2022, with more coming out since then, including some exclusive drops with limited-edition designs!

Telling Her Story Through Art

One of our favorite details? Her gorgeous French toile-inspired pattern is a retelling of Cheval’s creative journey as an artist, with 37 different hidden meanings behind the hand-drawn print; it’s adorned with castles, trolls under bridges, aliens abducting dogs, and meaningful tributes to other inspirational people in her life. Spoiler alert: the beautiful hero prevails in this story, and it’s a story still in the making. This gorgeous blue pattern is on the “Lady Antoinette’s Treasure Hunt” shoe, along with other products that carry the beautiful toile design. What we mean to say is, we’re obsessed. Check out her Instagram for a peek into more of the fun hidden messages and see which ones you can find!

Cheval’s advice is, “Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is telling you; listen to what your own heart is whispering and trust what you are feeling. Intuition can be a very powerful thing and can prevent you from getting distracted by things not meant for you.”

Your Story, Your Shoe

Just like she did with her own experience, her brand takes a story and builds a statement accessory from the details. Take the “Did My Heart Love, ‘Til Now?” shoes. Inspired by the most famous love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet, these shoes are a literal manifestation of “walking on love.” Cheval creates shoes for other women who, like her, love to make a statement while carrying that sentimental value with them at the same time. That’s the kind of shoe that will make you strut your stuff!

If you want velvet boots, or bedazzled sneakers, or jaw-dropping heels at your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, on your honeymoon, or even walking down the aisle, She Is Cheval has options for every type of girl and every type of fashion taste.

Paying it Forward

Cheval is also the founder of a 501c3 non-profit, the A Girl You Might Know Foundation. Their mission is to guide young creators in the early stages of their careers. Through the foundation, Cheval helps artists protect their rights as creators, and shares the wisdom and legal assistance from her own experiences to help female business owners build their brands with protection.

As Cheval likes to say, “When one door closes, kick down another one, in sparkly shoes!” 

It’s clear that she has done just that, and continues to do it, with A Girl You Might Know and She Is Cheval. Her story inspires hope and gives even more sentimental value to each shoe that she creates. So grab your pair of sparkly shoes and be ready to kick down your own doors!

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