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Movie Makeover: Crazy Rich Asians

Sep, 21, 2020

It’s Magazine Monday! And today we have a closer look at UVB’s Movie Makeover of Crazy Rich Asians! Since it came out just two years ago, clearly this is a movie that doesn’t need updating. But we wanted to see what this Singapore show-stopper could look like right here in Utah. And friends? Get ready to gush. 

P.S. We recently shared our Runaway Bride movie makeover. And we’ll be sharing our third and final wedding movie makeover — Steel Magnolias — on an upcoming Magazine Monday. #blushing



ORIGINALLY STARRING Constance Wu + Henry Golding

CRAZY SYNOPSIS OF FILM Professor Rachel Chu follows her boyfriend Nick Young to Singapore, where she finds out that not only is Nick’s family rich, they’re CRAZY rich. And then, you know, they attend the $40-million dollar wedding of Nick’s cousin where the bride gracefully walks down an aisle flooded with water. Casual. 


Rachel Chu: “So you’re family is, like, rich?”

Nick Young: ” We’re comfortable.”

Rachel Chu: “That’s exactly what a super rich person would say.”



Design + Styling + Paper Suite Eccentricity (a #UVBvendor!)

Photography Breanna White Photography

Floral Intertwined Floral (a #UVBvendor!)

Venue + Catering La Caille (a #UVBvendor!)

Cake + Desserts Sweet Cravings by Marcia (a #UVBvendor!)

Lounge Rentals Utah Vintage Rentals (a #UVBvendor!)

Table + Chair Rentals Excel Rental

Lighting Rentals Moonlight Utah (a #UVBvendor!)

Gown Mary’s Bridal (a #UVBvendor!)

Hair + Makeup Sarah Hicken Artistry

Rings + Earrings J. Brooks Jewelers (a #UVBvendor!)

Wedding Party Ronny Lindsey + Brianda Tyson + Selby Oldroyd + Hayden Dobyns + Jordan Hansen + Cayman Cardiff + Ashley Bailey + Samantha


WATER WORKS Tropical florals, bright colors, and an AISLE SHIMMERING WITH WATER. (Is it real water? Our magazine pages are sealed. You’ll have to ask Elizabeth at Eccentricity how she did it!) The greenhouse at La Caille was the perfect backdrop for our fanciful affair. The invites by Eccentricity were so very extra. And on top of it all, the film-inspired ceremony was illuminated with show-stopping chandeliers from Moonlight Utah.


Alix Young: “They spent $40 million on the wedding.”

Felicity Young: “Really? That’s too much. We’re methodists. $20 million is our limit.”


EAT, DRINK + BE CRAZY We’re on the edge of our seats. The opulence! The drama!  The larger-than-life centerpieces! The colors! The candles! The purple velvet table cloth! There is no end to the detail, skill and imagination that Eccentricity and Intertwined Floral brought to this crazy scene as Utah Valley Bride re-created “Crazy Rich Asians.” More is more.

PARTY OF THE YEAR A little too crazy? NO. SUCH. THING. Want a cake and assorted desserts that hang from the ceiling? Sweet Cravings by Marcia has you covered.  Cool, chic and colorful furniture? Utah Vintage Rentals is there for you. A seating chart with floral illustrations to match the florals on the floor? Eccentricity raised the bar. Leopard plates under neon lights? Obviously. Lobster or steak? No, no, no. La Caille is serving lobster AND steak. Spray painted florals in bright colors? Intertwined Floral is ready. Wedding party bros who wear velvet floral shirts and sparkle loafers with no socks?  Eye candy. The most extravagant diamond earrings from J. Brooks Jewelers? Ear candy. Photography with drama and depth? Breanna White, ladies and gents.


September 25, 2020

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