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In a Lavender Haze

May, 02, 2024
Lavender Fields Wedding | Romantic Wedding | Bride and Groom Formals

Anyone who has ever driven through Utah knows all about the famous lavender farms, the perfect backdrop for a romantic summer evening. Young Living, the global success in health and wellness, began its journey right here in the heart of Utah. But did you know the gorgeous lavender fields are also home to a stunning wedding venue? Or should we say, four different wedding venues? We can feel a lavender haze creeping up on us…

At such a huge farm it only makes sense that there would be a variety of different options available for every kind of bride. They have a barn, for our rustic country chic brides, a gorgeous gazebo for the whimsical weddings, a garden center for the greenery girls, and a brand-new, huge reception center for everything in between. When we say huge, we mean it. And the barn is really a barn—the clydesdale horses are snuggled up on the first floor. 

And just think about how stunning your pictures will be with the lavender fields behind you. 

How Many Guests Did You Say?

Young Living had hosted a few weddings and events over the years, but really stepped into the wedding industry in June of last year when their village reception center officially opened. “The village and reception center is by far the favorite, not just mine but everybody’s,” says Sharidan Smith, the hospitality manager and wedding specialist at Young Living. 

“When brides reach out and want to come to the farm for tours, we usually always start here in the visitor center and show them the garden room. We go to the gazebo and then they’re like, ‘Oh, I kind of love the, like, country feel.’ And they want to see the barn. And then as soon as we go to the reception center, they forget all the other places. It’s gorgeous.”

One of the most prominent features of their reception center is how big it really is. It’s the largest event center in the valley—big enough for weddings of over 800 people. 

And not only is it so ginormous, but it’s breathtakingly beautiful as well, matching the enchantment of the lavender fields it calls home. “A lot of the brides love the idea that they don’t have to decorate just because the building is so pretty. They can do as much or as little as they want.” Who doesn’t love a gorgeous setting for their I-Do?

A Knight’s Tale

The style of their reception center is what Sharidan describes as, “medieval.” The Young Family, headed by Mary and Gary, is known for their love of jousting—so much so that the farm has its very own jousting arena and everything. “It was designed by Mary to kind of have that medieval feel. It’s got huge, gorgeous beams, and old accents and stuff. There’s a grand entryway when you walk in.” When people see it, they’re stunned speechless at its magnificence. 

If you’re looking for a fairytale wedding where you can celebrate your knight in shining armor sweeping you off your feet, Young Living is your obvious choice. Does it come with Heath Ledger in jousting armor? Asking for a friend…

But if medieval romance isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry. With such a big space, there are endless possibilities for how you can decorate your dream wedding, whether it’s a parade of 15 Christmas trees (Sharidan’s favorite so far), a bounce house, or a mechanical bull (yes, this actually happened at someone’s wedding)!

Sharidan’s favorite part about working with Utah’s most beautiful weddings is the people she meets and their creativity. “Working with the brides, working with their moms and the decorators and the florists—I’m definitely a people person, so for me, that’s my favorite. Seeing their ideas and their thoughts, it’s so cool to me.” 

As Unique as Utah

Each bride has her own tastes and dreams for her big day, and Sharidan loves being a part of that. Every wedding is unique, just like the lavender fields themselves.

Most people are drawn to Young Living because of the lavender and stay for the rest. “This year, we want to open that up for weddings in the lavender fields. We would have ceremonies actually taking place in the fields with a mobile kind of trailer-type deck, and a beautiful archway and stuff so that they can have the fields in the background.” Not only would a backdrop like that be more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen before, but it’s unique to Utah. 

“We’re a health company, everything’s just clean and fresh and beautiful. It’s a great place to work. I can see why it’s an attraction for brides, they just love the atmosphere.” 

Sharidan is as amazing as the venue, and you’ll be glad to have her on your team when it comes to your wedding day. “I think my biggest advice would be that all those little things that you think matter so much, those little details that you notice, but nobody else is actually noticing—don’t worry about those little things. Just make it what you want, what your dream wedding is.” 

We can promise you that your dream wedding is at the Young Living Lavender Farms. There isn’t anything more romantic than the natural beauty of our favorite state’s landscapes, reinforced with the stunning farmland and incredible reception spaces. 

If you need us, we’ll be out practicing for the upcoming jousting tournament.

Photographer: Alli Chelle Photography
Dress: Versailles Atelier Bridal
Designer: Julie Vino Bridal
Tux: DC Tuxedos
HMUA: Paul Anas
Floral: South Worth Floral
Rings: Forge Jewelry Works
Earrings: Rosy Stone Inc
Location: Young Living Farms

Utah Valley Bride

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