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The days are numbered, honey — hitch yourself to this life-altaring list of 50 to-dos before the ‘I do.’

1. Celebrate your fate and set a date.

2. The Mrs. has a nice ring to it. Grab your left-hand man and shop for that permanent sparkle.

3. Compile names and addresses.

4. For the love of money, make a budget.

5. Scout locations for the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner and/or wedding luncheon.

6. Determine who will officiate the ceremony.

7. Find out the requirements for a marriage license. Visit marriage.utahcounty.gov for info!

8. Determine your wedding theme and style. If you theme it, they will come.

9. Pick your professionals: wedding planner, photographer, videographer, gown shop, caterer, florist, cake designer, musician, decorator, paper suite designer.

10. Most wedding planners can cater to any budget. Strongly consider hiring an event planner to invigorate your planning and relieve you of hassles and headaches.

11. Before you pick your photographer, book yourself a “meet cute” and make sure your personalities click.

12. Plan your photo schedule with your photographer and videographer — engagements/bridals/wedding schedule. And give them a list of must-have shots.

13. For your bridals, don’t forget to coordinate with your gown shop, florist and hair/makeup stylist. Naturally, you’ll need to wear more makeup than usual at all of your shoots.

14. Shop to your heart’s content for your wedding gown — start with page 50 of this magazine and end in real, live local bridal stores. When shopping for your dress, bring a small, select group of gals you trust. Too many opinions does not a joyful shopping experience make.

15. Take risks when you’re trying on gowns. Try on unexpected silhouettes — you’ll be surprised at which seams make you squeal.

16. FYI: Forgetting jewelry and shoes makes us sad.  🙁

17. Select and reserve men’s attire. (His clothes matter, too!)

18. Pick your wedding party with your hubby-to-be and then think through wardrobe for your best girls and guys.

19. Have both mothers coordinate and select their dresses. P.S. They don’t need to match.

20. Be the taste of the town! Talk to your caterer and see how the cuisine can contribute to the overall theme/feel of your nuptials.

21. Need a piece-of-cake task? Taste test those future layers!    

22. Think bouquets and beyond! Work with your florist to come up with creative ways to use flowers throughout your reception.

23. Pick out your wedding favors — and order them early to ensure destination date.

24. Purchase gifts for attendants and groom.

25. Start addressing invitations with your honey. If his handwriting is “bless his heart,” put him on the stamp brigade!

26. Start any laser hair removal treatments. Spa Trouve, here you come!

27. We know, we know. Premarital exams aren’t glam. But they are a priority. Vow to make your appointment — and make it early. (If you’re looking for a new doctor, check out the practices in our preferred vendor tab.)

28. Get your paperwork on by adding your name to each other’s insurance policies, medical plans, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. Fill out a change-of-address form online.

29. Create bridal registries in the hometowns of both families. And share the scanner! (Marriage is nothing if not compromise.)

30. Make a will. If you have both agreed to a prenuptial agreement, have it drawn up and signed.

31. Purchase all accessories — garter, ring pillow, toasting goblets, table place cards, etc.

32. Prepare seating arrangements and place cards for your luncheon, rehearsal or sit-down reception.

33. Send out wedding announcements.

34. Get your marriage license.

35. Manis and pedis are a must when it comes to primping for your day. We’re talking mental health, ladies.

36. Arrange a babysitter for children at the reception — and think up a fun activity or treat to keep those littles loving life.

37. Arrange to have your gifts moved to your home after the reception.

38. Come up with a wedding hashtag so all your guests’ photos will be in one place.

39. Give the musicians/DJ a list of music for the ceremony.

40. Have a final conversation with all professionals, confirming schedules and maps.

41. Make final payments and provide guest counts to vendors. Designate who will meet and help each vendor on the wedding day.

42. Designate the two witnesses for your ceremony.

43. Make sure the ushers are prepped and ready — including any special seating instructions.

44. Pick up wedding rings — make sure they fit!

45. Remind your groom to groom! (A haircut might be nice …)

46. Compile your wedding day “emergency kit” — makeup, hairspray, bobby pins, pantyhose, pain reliever, breath mints, etc.

47. Get beauty (and sanity) sleep before your big day! And no fainting allowed! Don’t forget to eat breakfast the morning of your wedding.

48. Don’t forget the marriage license! (For realsies. Don’t do it.)

49. Thank both sets of parents before you leave your reception and arrange to have flowers sent to them while you’re on your honeymoon. Sample note: “Words can’t express how grateful we are — so we thought we’d try flowers.”

50. Be marry.

December 2, 2016
December 6, 2016

Utah Valley Bride

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