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Apr, 16, 2019

Three words for you: Epic. Elegant. Engagements.

This session from Tyler Rye Photography is a feast for the eyes and the heart. Every image is a vision, and we’re always excited when couples take their engagements to the next level.

Bride Elaine picked the Salt Flats for its simplicity, beauty, and religious symbolism.

“The place is filled with powerful Christian metaphors like salt, light, and walking on water,” Elaine says. “Every time I look at our engagement photos, they fill me with peace, remind me to hold onto faith, and serve as beautiful reminders of what Matt and I are called to be for each other and everyone around us. The barren, open landscape helps focus the attention on the two of us, but it also helps us realize how small we are in this amazing world.”

Elaine’s outfit had a gorgeous personal connection as well. She wore her mother’s dress and her sister’s wedding skirt. “Two of the most important women in my life are represented!” she says.

As for the colors? They’re heaven on earth. “I love that Tyler captured the colors of the sunset, and it looks like Matt and I are walking in the clouds. I imagine this is a small reflection of what heaven looks like — dancing in the clouds with the man I love. There is no one better at taking photographs in epic locations like this than Tyler. He captured our joy, made us feel comfortable, and I know Matt and I will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.”

Plus, it’s all in the timing, right? “These photos are representative of perfect timing. The day before and the day after these photos were taken the weather was not as cooperative. Too many clouds or too much sun can take away the reflections and colors we love so much in these photos. I have to admit I was becoming impatient with God’s plan and timing, and then Matt came into my life in an unexpected way at just the right time.”

Couldn’t have said it better if we tried. Thanks for sharing this with us, Elaine and Matt! Happy wedding!



Photography Tyler Rye Photography (a #UVBvendor!)

Floral Heidi Firth Floral

Couple Elaine + Matt


April 17, 2019

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