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Drink It In

Sep, 27, 2016

Your wedding is the best place for some sweet sips. And the possibilities are endless (and endlessly adorable) when it comes to serving anything from lemonade to cocktails. Drink in these five tips from Magleby’s (a #UVBvendor!) to make your beverage spread as unique as your love story. Then click through the above gallery to see a few of their sensational sips!

1. Dress it up. It’s all about the presentation. Don’t feel like you have to showcase them on a standard table. Let’s build something up with ladders or vanities. So many possibilities! Make something as simple as lemonade impressive with a beautiful background.

2. Live from the bar. Adding a bartender goes far — and takes it up a notch! Having someone mixing cocktails or mocktails on site will create a unique experience for your guests.

3. Garnish with flair. One way to make your thirst quenchers fancy is to add something delicious on top. Don’t forget about the garnish! Sprigs of mint, raspberries, or limes will do the trick.

4. Personalize it! We know you want to proclaim your love by putting your initials on everything, so why stop at monogrammed towels? Make it personal! Add a cute personalized touch with your initials.

5. Make a menu. Tell them what you’re serving! Signs are so nice to have for beverages as well. They add that special touch. Then decorate your menu to match your event’s theme.

September 23, 2016
September 28, 2016

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